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May Favorites ft. Drugstore Makeup, Nail Polish, Perfume +more!

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  1. sweetheartxxbeauty

    I love that blush berry berry much!

  2. sweetheartxxbeauty

    Y'all share everything?

  3. Do you all know a good Chapstick?!?!

  4. You both seem like such nice people!!(: love your videos by the way!

  5. omg the ghost!

  6. i thought they were sisters -____-

  7. i really like the natureluxe foundation. for me it feels and looks similar to the dream smooth mousse foundation ( i think thats what its called, the one with the pump). i really like them both. everytime i wear them im like "hmm why do i not wear these more."

  8. love the ibiza bronzer only do you know of a cheap dupe for that, not so much into the blush though

  9. GlamourKillsTian

    i thought you guys were teenagerrsss

  10. Sakura = "sáh.koo.rá" :)

  11. Sakura = "Saw-cooh-ruh"

  12. I am a new subscriber, and I love both of your personalities! <3

  13. you guys are sisters right?

  14. I have a quesition, did you name your channel after a lipgloss (there is a palladio one called eleventh gorgeous)

  15. eleventhgorgeous

    sweet!!! thanks for the support! <3

  16. eleventhgorgeous

    aww, that makes us so happy to know that our videos make you smile!!! hope things get better for you!!!! and definitely go get you some! <3

  17. ShoppingTrekkingLife

    I lol'ed when Tracy started applying deoderant, I love how comfortable you two are on camera. And wow, I also that you two were alot younger, like, late highschool-early-Uni :)

  18. i cant believe tracy is almost 30!

  19. tracy your hair looks perfect! <333

  20. so random, but i completely agree with you on that specific deodorant…i discovered it about a year ago and i swear its SO much better than any other deodorant I've ever used!

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