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May Favorites, Dislikes, & Life Update!

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  1. i agree with u on the jem thing=)

  2. I hope your doing better and make sure you keep your head up. Everything will get better. 

  3. So bummed to hear about the job!  I hope something great is right around the corner

  4. Ugh…I'm so sorry to hear about your job.  I hope something better will come your way, girl!  Netflix….OMG….Friday Night Lights.  I've watched the entire series 4 times.  ;)

  5. I love your epic long ass vids! I'm sorry about your job… It has happened to me and it's such a shitty feeling. P.S. Do you have a P.O. Box? <3 from San Francisco!

  6. I started watching Silicon Valley this month and I can't recommend it enough. It is so funny and totally keeps you wanting more – watch all the older seasons on hbogo! I have been watching Game of Thrones, too, and when it gets too heavy, SV is the perfect alternative. My favorite Netflix series are probably Gilmore Girls, Parenthood, OITNB, and I recently watched and loved Don't Trust the B in Apt 23. I like TV, okay? 😳

  7. So sorry about your job…will be praying for you in your search finding a new/even better job.
    I'm a fairly new subscriber, but have watched/loved your videos for a long time.

  8. Melanie Lyne Beauty

    Bra Fittings actually make all the difference in having a good bra that you're comfortable in and that suit you best!!  LOVE the mac lip combo you're wearing! It's so beautiful <3

  9. Love your videos as always. Sorry you had such a terrible week. I hope things get better for you real soon. Recommendations for Netflix: Starcrossed and Emily Owens, Md. Both were only around for one season unfortunately. 

  10. Sorry you lost your job. Praying that you find a new one. Love your videos, especially your favorites.

  11. I just watched all of Younger on TVLand's website (most episodes are hulu plus exclusive right now) and it's great if you haven't watched it yet. Sutton Foster and Hillary Duff are two people I never would've paired together but they're awesome.

  12. So sorry you lost you're job sweetie! I can relate been there! I'm looking for a job myself! Good luck in you're search! 😊

  13. When that great new job comes along soon you will be sending that last place a thank you letter for letting you go, keep your chin up, gorgeous!

  14. You are one of my fave people on YouTube as well as one of he most intelligent. I know you will find something better. :)

  15. You have such good color taste. And girl, I got kicked out of med school last year. So for a while I lost my dream. But life goes on, and now I am in business. Just keep swimming.

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  17. CougarBeautyReview

    Watch The Killing!

  18. Sorry to hear about work, Jess. You come across as someone who takes pride in everything she is involved with. I wish you luck finding your more suitable position! You are such a lip product queen to me. Always get excited to see your favorites. And that LeSportSac print is the cutest!!!

  19. So sorry to hear about your job…big city though with lots of opportunities for talented you …. Just finished Bloodline on Netflix….soo good..and it takes place in Florida (the keys) … Already renewed for a 2nd season! Love love love BBW mint julep too….get the hand cream too

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