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Matte Makeup Look & Fragrancenet Estee Lauder Modern Muse Perfume

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  1. Nivea HeartsBeauty


  2. Nivea HeartsBeauty

    Aww I wish your bids weren't so orange…i can't really make out the colors ..its cute tho..check the settings on the camera 

  3. Beautiful

  4. you should try better than sex mascara it is the best

  5. Ok ya'll you do NOT pronounce the MAC eyeshadow "Haux" like the bird! It is pronounced "Hoe" and the pencil "Hi-Def Cyan" is pronounced Hi-Def "SYAN"  

  6. Hey Ateya!!!

  7. Very nice

  8. RichAndFabulousLife

    Ateya, you are a classy Lady… and I have always liked that about you! Question, why dont you wear lashes?

  9. So glad to see you Ateya.  Beautiful look as always.:)

  10. Pretty! What do u do for a living?

  11. Very pretty

  12. beautiful

  13. check  out my channel..

  14. You're back!  YAY–those colors are cute on you…very pretty

  15. Beautiful.

  16. Very Pretty!

  17. Haux is pronounced (excuse my language) Ho….like Faux is pronounced Fo…… Looooovvvveeer the pink pigeon I'm definitely picking that up 

  18. Looks flawless. Great job

  19. DivaDivaFashionista

    I use heroine liner or dollhouse dolly? I'm not sure but it's a hit pink liner by NYX 


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