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MARY KAY COSMETICS REVIEW! Not ya grandmas makeup! Giveaway soon!

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  1. every MARYKAY product in this video can be found @ marykay.com/kmireles2
    check out their INTO THE GARDEN COLLECTION. it's gorgeous!

  2. Kimberly Beltran

    Funny as hec. Get it gurlll….

  3. I agree with you about the lash love…I'm a huge fan of our ultimate. Not so much the lash love. I do know people who use both!

  4. The " O" word… 😂 love it!

  5. I wish that I was a good sales person….. I admire people that can sell Mary Kay. 

  6. i have used mary kay for 6 years , i love marykay!

  7. In the San Antonio – killeen area in texas and need some mary kay let me know I'll be glad to help you out marykay.com/bperrill 

  8. Josianne Desroches

    What was the little envelope that had 75 tissu 

  9. mary kay has beautiful make up man your make up is good

  10. Mary Kay makeup is shit. The skin care is ok

  11. Mary Kay is wonderful. I have tried the satin hands before. Great items. The make up items are fun to use, but I would agree that great skin makes for great looking make up.

  12. I am a new MK consultant so if your friend ever stops selling a your viewers need a consultant …http://www.MaryKay.com/beverly333

  13. Deborah Wilson-Kujala

    I luvvvv your Videos! !! (I have been thinking about sending you a MK surprise package! !
    Glad you have used our products & have a consultant ). New Consultant of 6 mo…..
    Luv magnetic compacts….

  14. Im a mary kay consultant in bay area California and I loove love your personality and your video! LOVED IT! You are perfect for Mary Kay, hope to see you at the top!

  15. I'm a Mary Kay consultant in the Jacksonville, Florida area. If you're interested in ordering I'm at http://www.marykay.com/mlayton8. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the satin hands and the Time Wise skin care line.

  16. http://www.ipsy.com/r/1zkr .. join ipsy here.. 

  17. My aunt just stRted selling Mary Kay n I have the satin hands and it is amazing. I wash my hands like 50 times a day because I work with patients in hospital. Keeps then moisturized all day which is unheard of. Also I only have one gloss n got the fancy nancy only because my aunty just died n her name was nancy so that's y I picked it but i was actually really happy with it! Love it. Thanks for tips I'm bout to order a bunch of eyeshadows and that highlighter! 

  18. Free shipping on order of $25 or more http://www.marykay.com/gnwafor

  19. Melissa for your bold mascara look, ask your consultant to show you the Ultimate Mascara. It will give you the finish that you are looking for! ;)

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