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March Favourites | ViviannaDoesMakeup

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  2. ViviannaDoesMakeup

    @intempobeauty Aw thanks hun! xx

  3. ViviannaDoesMakeup

    @intempobeauty To be honest hun, I don't do too much to them – just pop a bit of MAC Espresso through the ends :) xx

  4. ViviannaDoesMakeup

    @vanwyngardenn Thank you :) xx

  5. I love your eyebrows!! :)

  6. ViviannaDoesMakeup

    @ban4makeup Haha oh thanks! We sound like makeup twins :) You obviously have great taste 😛 xx

  7. ViviannaDoesMakeup

    @missjoanna95 Not completely, I do find that obviously cause I cleanse and exfoliate my face with my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish every morning and night it does fade faster than it would on the rest of my body. But to try and counteract this I just apply it most nights before bed xx

  8. ViviannaDoesMakeup

    @charlsxo Definitely a holiday colour! I love it xx

  9. ViviannaDoesMakeup

    @GlitsyMakeUp Thank you :) xx

  10. ViviannaDoesMakeup

    @honeycallmevain Thank you :) xx

  11. hi . great video . you are so beautiful !

  12. You are so sweet!! I adore watching you, from Spain. You have to be a very good person. XOXO

  13. ViviannaDoesMakeup

    @Eleven787 Thank you! I'm wearing MAC Stereo Rose on my cheeks xx

  14. Gorgeous!! What blush are u wearing?:)

  15. ViviannaDoesMakeup

    @Mspurplemakeup Wow, you're still watching from Buenos Aires – amazing! Hope you are having a lovely time :) Thanks for such a lovely comment too! Knew you would love the Vitazing and Utopia will look amazing on your skintone xx

  16. ViviannaDoesMakeup

    @Icemissa Definitely! I'm in the process of learning to edit my videos so hopefully I will actually be able to do some makeup application ones soon :) xx

  17. ViviannaDoesMakeup

    @Icemissa Thank you hun! It's weird how perfume is different on people, FB is sooo sweet and longlasting on me! xx

  18. ViviannaDoesMakeup

    @charlenehills I'm not sure, I have never had a sniff of Vera Vang Princess, but it is definitely the sweetest perfume I own! xx

  19. Please could do a vid on the products you use everyday for your makeup please? x

  20. Lovvve your viddds. Perfumes smell and behave different on everyone! I love that perfume but it doesn't stay on me :( I want your hair!!!! Thank you for the great vids! :) x

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