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March Favorites! 2015 | Meredith Foster

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  1. Did she just bought her adidas bc idk how you tubers keep their shoes so clean. Mine get messed up and so dirty in 1 week almost

  2. Hey i was born on march 1…Just like Justin Bieber not to brag but i'm a no fan of that Jusitin celebrity.

  3. a-dee-das omg

  4. idk why u look extra pretty in this video 😂

  5. YAS! Seinfeld!!

  6. I love your top where is it from??? 😘😘

  7. what i love about Mere's videos is that she doesn't keep looking at herself in the camera!

  8. Wheree is her leather backpack from? 

  9. Can you do a video on how you style your adidas superstars, because I really want to buy some for this school year I just really don't know how to style them☺️😁💟

  10. My birthday is November 5 to


  11. 《SarahLouise》 Zambrano (Zaira)

    +Meredith Foster what app do you use to create videos and to upload them? I absolutely ♥ your videos!!!!! :)

  12. meree why you cut you haiir?

  13. Νασια Μαραθακη

    what's the difference between adidas superstar with gold and adidas superstar without gold? Please tell me

  14. Meredith Foster my birthday is on march 7

  15. I enjoy watching your videos! You're so pretty!

  16. i got so happy when you said dancing queen, jessie's girl, and somebody to love _

  17. Whenever I look up Adidas Originals Superstar shoes, I can only find it in mens. Is there no womens since it works either way? Help! Thanks! (:

  18. Ahh you're an old lady trapped in a young ones body #oldsoul

  19. Lighting is perf 

  20. Leia Amidala Santos

    does anyone know where she edits her videos? thanks!! :) 

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