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Marc Jacobs Men by Marc Jacobs | Fragrance Review

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  1. I love it nice 

  2. I want to fix your collar so bad lol.

  3. was surprised when I saw you reviewing this, I feel the same way you feel about fig……cant stand it but for some reason whenever I did wear this frag I got compliments. I love the bottle too!!!!!the longevity is terrible…This is definitely something you will have to overspray on your skin and clothes. I really wish marc Jacobs would have a hit in the fragrance house outside "BANG". Great choice and video man!!!

  4. Cody, I'm curious.. When you say, "one spray to the chest area," is that with or without a shirt on? 

  5. I like your style of reviewing. You give good impressions of fragrancese. I really don't like this fragrance. It smells too female for me and fig is a note that i hate. Here in holland we have a hairspray with coconut smell that is almost the same as marc jacobs. I'm curious about your opinion about the exclusive lines from designers like Armani Prive, Zegna Essenze collection, D&G Velvet Collection, Boss The Collection, Chanel Les Exclusifs, Carolina Herrera Exclusive line etc. Not many people talk about it.

  6. That train needs it's own YouTube channel.

  7. Fragrancy Robinson

    Hey i love your reviews and was hoping you can give me some feedback on my reviews(: im new to the fragrance community and would love to know what you think(:

  8. Hi Cody!! I own that fragance, it smells good, but I agree with you about its por performance!! Have you tried Vetiver geranium or Aberdeen lavander from Creed? Thanks!!! Matias.

  9. I have heard many reviewers say that fig can smell like coconut just by itself

  10. nice review my man.

  11. Cody, I have royal water (great longevity and projection but a light scent) and Himalaya(average projection subpar longevity, beautiful musky skin scent forever). I feel these are great daily wear scents.. I'd like to explore more – would you suggest SMW, OS, or what? I'm open to getting adventurous, and I might get a flacon if I'm in love.
    PS, long tim subscriber. Wish i could give more info but I'm keeping it short! 

  12. Nice vid bro, i am not a fan of this house and that fragrance. i really wanna see a video on guerlain vetiver tho lol.

  13. I have trouble when fig or fig-leaf are used in fragrances. Combine 'em with cumin and …well, let's just say I've added this one to my Do Not Sniff list. Solid review!

  14. Any opinion on the new Issey Miyake {Oceanic Expedition} Doc?

  15. This was the one that got me into fragrances back in 2004 or so.

  16. venkatraman raguraman

    I am not able to pick the coconut accurately. I like the note of Fig leaf in Salvatore ferragamo pour homme. This smells too sweet initially and I never want past it.

  17. It reminded me of raw meat, like entering the butcher´s…
    It is a subtle acord of raw meat lying beneath other notes, but it is there
    I am glad I am not the only one who finds this nauseating

  18. marc jacob is distributed by Coty Prestige… If you notice every product distributed by Coty is horrible in performance 

  19. Good vid man

  20. AGentlemansJourney

    Very nice take, Cody. I have this fragrance and I agree everything you said about it.

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