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Marc Jacobs for Men by Marc Jacobs Fragrance/Cologne Review (2002)

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  1. biobele william-west

    This is a awesome fragrance and I can definitely see women wearing it

  2. Scrap Iron Pitbulls

    Hell yeah I agree great great review!!!!

  3. Scrap Iron Pitbulls

    I have been rocking this since 2006 year round love it, I get compliments from women and men gay or straight, I love it.

  4. Wonderstitches Curtainmakers

    what are you talking about summer smell??! if you wear this is hot weather i feel sorry for you sir. in the summer I'm wearing fresh clean citrus.. this is a clear winter charmer. a totally well rounded smell for the cold months. someone i know called it a panties dropper lol..a certainly sexy masterpiece

  5. (I'm replying to myself)….

    wait… it is starting get creamy… am I changing my mind? lol

  6. Trying a sample of this as I type. Oh my. Nail polish remover? I just don't know. It is so strong, sweet… I don't think I can do this one lol. Will see what it is like in the drydown process. I thought I liked this in the store, but now that I have the sample and trying it….phewwwww :)

  7. the first 5min sucks…the dry down is the best i think

  8. You might wanna do Chanel "Bel Respiro" within the green scents

  9. I have been wearing this fragrance for many, many, many, many years. Is that enough manys? I work at a court house in a large, metropolitan city. Many, many people every day. I can't even begin to guess how many women, young, middle aged, older, compliment me on this fragrance. The women love it. All summer, hot weather fragrance.

  10. No doubt, Marc. This is a very underrated fragrance for the spring & summer months. I've been rocking this for a few years now. Glad to see it's getting some mention.

  11. I could not stand this one either. Could not wait to get the scent off.

  12. @xcross20 philosykos is better then MJ for men at this moment for me. Dyptique gives me a good 5-7 hrs for Long. and projects well for 2-3 hours too. It's not a beast but it's worth the extra cash

  13. @Benjimikey thanks my friend !

  14. Marc,life stinks without you but now your back life is sweet or should I say smells sweet. You have too much fragrance but that's just me being jealous

  15. hey Marc u said this one doesnt projects or last long , how about Philosykos ?

  16. Good review, however I don't think I like this one. It may be because of the fig. "It comes across as O.K to me. Still, good review!

  17. i found that in 2003, become a must have in my collection, its great to see that this one is top of your collection too my bro, like Philosykos, we love fig buddy hahahaha! hugs

  18. @akira1983x I think I nail the dry down pretty well in my reviews. My take is on months and month of testing. Not sure wearing it a few hours into the reviews would change my overall take on the dry down.

  19. @matejvi you make it sound like that's easy to do lol , where's the profit in doing that ?? lol

  20. Hey Marc,
    great reviews, but can I give you some advice? when you do the 'waste a spray' on your left hand, prior to doing the video, could you do another spray on your right a few hours in advance, to give us an idea of the dry down.


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