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Marc Jacobs – Bang – Fragrance Review

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  1. I'm glad i found your review, this stuff smells amazing! I'm a woman and if a man walked by smelling like this, i would most definitely turn my head. I bought this for my son as a "just because" gift. If he doesn't like it, i will sure keep it for myself. Great review!

  2. To me this smells somewhat similar to Terre D Hermes. Of course Terre smells better and is more refined but Bang is extremely great for the money. I only paid 20 bucks and gets lots of compliments and it lasts too!

  3. Thanks Edd – yep sure is!!

  4. great review as always mate, really interesting bottle too eh :-)

  5. Thanks Buddy :-)

  6. Thanks buddy :-)

  7. Nice review! I heard some people bash this and others praise it, after your review I need to check it out. The bottle is pretty cool. Keep up the great work. Take care!

  8. That too… =D

  9. Face made for Radio :-)

  10. Thanks Ryan, really appreciate it dude!

  11. Thanks buddy

  12. I saw this one on his list as well Greg. Still need to get my nose on it. Thanks a lot for the great videos. Great info. :)

  13. Very informative as always. Great review!

  14. I do like that Qwertyop guy. Handsome fellow.

  15. Yeh Seb, I don't like any of his stuff TBH, but this one I really love!

  16. Lol. Yep 'Elegant' White Moss. ‘Masculine’ Woods (as opposed to the Girly type). ‘Hypnotic’ Elemi Resinoid and ‘Aromatic’ Benzoin. They certainly ‘Hammed Up’ the descriptives on this one lol.

  17. Oh yeah that elegant white moss is stunning. I tried regular white moss and thought to myself that I wish there was something more elegant out there. Thank god I found Bang.
    Lol, in all seriousness this is a good fragrance and so is the imaginatively named flanker, Bang Bang.

  18. Definitely worth a try dude. I don't like any other fragrances of his, but this one just works for me. Thanks for your continued support mate!

  19. Great review man as always… I need to sniff this out as I would like to have a pepper style designer fragrance… Thanks for the heads up on this one…

  20. I sent you a PM 😉

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