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Marc Jacobs and Anna Sui In Conversation

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  1. Marc acknowledges his team and this meant a great deal to him. Whereas Anna thinks it is a great deal because people recognize her work. I thought it is interesting to hear two very different thoughts.

  2. Marc looks surprisingly young and has a very personable way of speaking. Big part of success is having the social skills required. Easily makes business contacts.
    Anna answers formally and does not give away emotion even when talking about a memory most people would gush about. Stance is completely business as well, just in an obvious way.

  3. Idc he's a gay, he's so damn hot!

  4. Marc is hot as fire!!

  5. WOW how cool is this!?
    My 2 best brands! ;D

  6. He won over the french & he's an AMERICAN GUY

  7. @Secretservicedentist i think you shouldn't be talking about something you have no idea about!

  8. Secretservicedentist

    I didn't know you could be gay AND soulless, but I guess the fashion industry proves me wrong.


  10. @cali569ify ugh who doesnt

  11. is it a special programme??

  12. I just love the man … i´d make luv to him all nite long…his nose is mesmerizing and the facial hair drives me crazy…

  13. I practically fell out of my chair watching this! My two favorite designers!!!!

  14. nicniejeavailable

    he is soooo damn hot

  15. WHY all the hot guys are guy??? If I am Anna, I will just lick his face : – 0

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  17. aww this is a nice little clip

  18. pendejo ya quisieras ser como marc -__-

  19. she looks like an older margaret cho

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