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Mancera Roses Vanille & Armani Acqua di Gio Essenza Short Review

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  1. Hi Jeremy,

    I have roses vanille… and curious how you(or men in general) would like that on 20s women? other than strong, do you think it smells good?

  2. To my nose, ADG Essenza smells like fish mixed with dirty, salty sea water and vomit. Im not exaggerating. Its terrible imo. Im sorry if its your signature

  3. Thx 4 info! I'm a great fan of Acqua Di Gio aswell!

  4. Prettylittle Theoriess

    I don't think it's that strong. Besides of a guy likes vanilla then let him buy it. You can't tell people it's too girly. I know that's your oppenion but whatever. I wore this for half a year and it's still my favorite. No one ever told me I smelled like a girl. Even my honest friends who will tell me if I do. I get compliments from both genders, they ask me what I'm wearing. Love this to death. In my own oppenion I don't think it's girly. Although I respect your oppenion as no one in this earth is the same.

  5. i find my versace eros to fade away after about three hours of wearing it, compared to when i used the acqua di gio, I think im gonna go back to the Armani this summer again


  7. Great review!!!

  8. Jeremy where is your tan coming from ? 

  9. ‫فارس الماجد‬‎

    Bought 3 fragrances yesterday so I want to see ur thoughts about my perches 1- aqua di gio esnza as a day fragrance 2- black xs potion it's a limited edition I hate the original but this one give me a mysterious secent maybe because the drops of rum in the frag 3- and last but not least spice bomb gosh whare do I begin,,,,, so plz give me your thoughts about them,,,,,,,my next buy for sure it a luxury mature secnt,, imagine a cold night in a special occasion sophisticated suit man his elegant top of his game confident, and he knows it. It's ck euphoria liquid gold edu perform belive me you well thank me if u get it 

  10. Also based on your review i'm going in for Rose Vanille this saturday hope it lives to its expectations.

    Could you tell me how the Rose is in the fragrance is it the major player ?

  11. Bloody expensive. Now you said it smell of roses I think I want to avoid.

  12. You will get compliments women love this. I've been wearing it for about a week now and ive turned heads from women I didn't know and gotten compliments from every woman I do know. This is my signature scent from now on.

  13. Nice review Jeremy. Keep up the great reviews man

  14. I would love to try that Mancera as I'm not too impressed with them so far!

  15. Hey jermey great review

    My signature scents.are.chanel platinum egoiste and.creed.aventus.

    Can you do some reviews regarding chanel fragrances for men??

    By.the way I have tested ysl l'homme and la nuit but.can't really see myself wearing it.

  16. The only ones as strong as Mancera Rose are Interlude Man and Oud Ispahan.

  17. Subbed after you epic La Nuit review! Enjoying your reveiws. Yh Roses & Vanille is traditionally femme, I cant wear it but I do know some guys that wear it very successfully! Cheers

  18. man, i can't put my finger on where you're from originally, it's driving me nuts :)  for the sake of my sanity, please let me know, pm me if this is confidential :) 

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