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MAKEUP TALKS – My Burberry

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A sensual, floral fragrance with an unexpected fruity twist

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BURBERRY Body Miniature Set for Women

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Gift set combines the burberry body scents in miniature sizes. Set includes body intense 4.5 ml edp, body 4.5 ml edp, body 4.5 ml edt, and body tender 4.5 ml edt.

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  1. Маша Ильина

    Well, what a funny guy. similarity with the woodpecker! Woody Woodpecker ))))))))))

  2. really nice and stay longer on my skin. i try this perfume at the perfume counter when the seller  spray it on my hand, smell amazing.

  3. You got something on your head.

  4. PhloeFanSince2000

    Hi Victor I received this fragrance for Christmas and it smells so good! I'm only 22 but I love mature fragrances! Great review! 

  5. Hi Victor,

    This fragrance sounds up my alley I will definitely be checking this out. Thanks big HUGS!

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