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Makeup Collection: My Perfume Collection Part 2 (+ bloopers)

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  1. Where did you purchase your Escada perfumes? I cant find it in Australia at all. :( Can anyone help me with my query?

  2. I just got gucci envy

  3. I have heard about that. So it really does work??

  4. Damn the Escada perfumes! It's so frustrating when you fall in love with one of them but are not able to purchase it again because it's a limited edition!

  5. Island Kiss is SO Awesome!! Including Pacific Paradise, it's a shame Escada ALWAYS makes limited edition scents….Love your channel by the way!! ^_^

  6. TheToasteddoughnuts

    what perfume will you recommend for teens? around 16-18?

  7. mohammed abdulla

    Thanks great review I bought the island kiss escada perfume today and I just saw your video and think your description was perfect so tropical I also think it smells like pina colada what do you think?

  8. try Oscar De La Renta "Live in Love", it's very floral and light and it is my favorite scent!

  9. Nice collection and good thought out descriptions :)

  10. i looove escada perfume..but not the new ones!..my first perfume was sunset heat..

  11. If you like gucci envy me, you should try dkny – fresh blossom. I love it! And it smells sooo good:-)

  12. I used to live in Gucci Ii. Now you're making me want it again…I may be able to find a sample somewhere if I look hard enought. Right now, Gucci Flora is my favorite Gucci.

  13. you remind me of Cleopatra!! so beautiful =)

  14. Loving the hair, lady!

  15. wowo u look different and extra prettyy

  16. LOL I ddint recognize you with your hair down! You look gorgeous! Love your perfume collection!

  17. AddictionToShopping

    Love your hair like this!!! <3

  18. elliebellybabe38

    what did you study at uni? i dont even know what you do, haha (:
    you're very talented at describing scents.

  19. im the first one to view this great video!!!!1

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