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Made To Measure by Gucci Fragrance / Cologne Review

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  1. This one smells really stale but i have a weekness for lavender what can i say, i had to get it

  2. Malik zero point Malik

    I baught it yesterday….amazing perfume I like it…

  3. I thought it smelled like black by keneth cole. Not a big fan of gucci anymore. I still love their sunglasses line dou

  4. a guy friend just gave it to me as a present (just a friend, he's married :D).  so i've been wearing it some, and i gotta tell you, it is very good.  nice performance, not loud, but projects well to within 3-4 feet, and lasts 8 hours easy, and frags rarely last on my skin.  the smell is very reminiscent of givenchy pour homme pre-reformulation circa 2004-2005, in its heyday.  and now that nobody wears that one, m2m is quite a standout from the slew of overly sweet usual suspect teenyboppers like 1 mill and paco rabane black.  it's a nice masculine scent that is a throwback to the 90's and early 00's.  for the pure nostalgic value alone, it is a winner for me.  and if you are in my age bracket (40), then check this out, it will bring back the memories! 

  5. Excellent review! Good nose, good presentation and speaking style, dead-on analysis. Thank you!

  6. Happy New Year! Redolessence Just to follow-up with you on Gucci Made To Measure. In short I had a bad experience with my purchase so I got a refund. However I have Mont Blanc "Legend" on the way. Have you engaged this frangrance? I am also looking to get the "Intense" version.

  7. I have just purchased this fragrance. How would you suggest applying it?

  8. Alessandro Sanchez

    Great channel, subscribed :)

  9. I hope you enjoy it!

  10. I just bought the cologne at the airport and I was not sure, if I'm gonna like it or not.Thanks for the video.

  11. Thanks! I hope all is well!

  12. Thanks! I hope all is well!

  13. Thanks for watching!

  14. Thanks for watching!

  15. I don't, but I may make a video on that topic in the future. Thanks for watching!

  16. BaltimoreAndOhioRR


  17. LIKE <3

  18. Macintosh Bozier

    do you have a video that shows, how to properly apply cologne?

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