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‘Love, Chloé’ TV ad

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  1. Raquel is sooooooo amazingly elegant

  2. 中洲川明太子(こえびたん)


  3. My favorite perfum <3

  4. Raquel is such a cool model.

  5. I cant seem to find the longer version of this commercial anywhere…are you guys able to upload it PLEEEASE?

  6. i love this

  7. I was named after perfume and 7 dogs… DOGS… I WAS NAMED AFTER DOGS!!!

  8. C'est le flacon qui m'a attirée.

  9. I want to live in this fantasy.

  10. excellent

  11. She Can't Love You, Sonn.

  12. love this ad! I am woman, hear me roar 1970s independence.

  13. Moi aussi :)

  14. Well, beige.

  15. love this, perfectly encompasses the 70's liberated woman.

  16. opelastranegronegro

    Para mí, que yo veía este anuncio de pequeña..no se

  17. Nice commericial. Love the perfume but its so expensive ): Anyone knows something similar to this scent?

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