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L’Occitane Eau de Vetyver review

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  1. Agreed that L'Occitan's products have amazing quality. I have always love the L'Occitan eau de toilette for men. I usually would like more fresh and less masculine scent but this one is like a bottle of all my imagination of southern France. People say it is woody but for me it is herbal. It is so different from what I would usually purchase but I definitely like it. As for the Vetiver, I got a small sample in a travel set from L'Occitane at my last purchase, I try it and I like it. Very clean and lemony. Personally I think fragrance from L'Occitane is good quality although I do not necessarily like all of them. Some do not suit me but when I tried them on at the store I can tell they are really well-made. BTW, I've also been to the Santa Maria Novella store in London after seeing your review and I fell in love with the house. I love their classic cologne so much. And I also purchased the one called Sicilia which is an extremely citrus scent. It smells almost like the sparkling orange juice from my childhood. And I also got a sample of Kyoto, which I think is a very distinct scent but too much for me. Long reply this is and I think it makes up for not replying to the other reviews of yours that I watched lol. Excellent channel mate!

  2. Tried it at the store and was impressed. A good composition in the classic style. Being a fan of vetivers, I might soon end up with a bottle.

  3. Johmathan .B. Swift

    Very nice review on this company.I heard about them, now I have a better idea about the brand. This sounds really good. 

  4. Good review, you're very articulate. Wished you shortened it by about 5 minutes though. I want to say you are a young handsome man who seems sophisticated and urbane (I'm a New Yorker living in Philadelphia), may I suggest you have your hair styled a little differently and trim those eyebrows. You will then be getting offers for professional modelling.

  5. first time catching your reviews, great job.  Subscribed.

  6. dickensianevening

    Nice video raj!

  7. Two things I get from it. Vetiver, a bit of a soapy feel, and finishes warmer with nutmeg. 

    You got to try out Eau de Baux. Apply with caution, and it's mostly a winter, cold weather outdoor sent. It's typical l'Occitane. No hint of booziness, clean, maybe a short medicinal opening that isn't actually bad, and in the middle, somewhat more complex and woody that the other two fragrances in the line. Projects and stay longer too. 

  8. Got it. It reminds me of Creed Royal Oud in the drydown, although RO was too sweet for me. This is nice, but I smelled the vetiver a little more on the card than on my skin. On my skin I get a lot of nutmeg.

  9. They're not a million miles away but there are more differences. Eau Sauvage is much richer while L'Occitane is fresher and a bit more spicy. Both are great.

  10. Hey Raj… Any similarities between this and the Eau Sauvage Parfum?

  11. Yes, it is! Thanks for subscribing.

  12. Oh yeah they are good and great value too.
    What's Eau Captivante like? Haven't tried their latest releases.

  13. I fell in love with L'Occitane's scents when they came to my city, and I had the pleasure of sampling everything they had. And I bought them.

    The Vetyver has been my most complimented scent. Eau des Baux second… followed by Citrus Verbena, and Eau Captivante – though more so in the summer months.

    The Verdon Smells Fantastic as well… the whole house is a win.

  14. Very good!!

  15. The green tea scent is natural. Its pretty much green tea that becomes earthy on drydown.

  16. Cool, thanks for letting me know about it. I'll try it next time I'm in a L'Occitane shop. Presumably it's a very natural smelling scent?

  17. You should try Vert Green Tea…its a very good fragrance.

  18. Sumant Balakrishnan

    Thank you, Raj. I think I'm more inclined towards vetiver with things around it, rather than a pure play. Must try this one. From your description, it really does sound like it's good quality, well-made, and not loud.

  19. You're right, EdB seems to be the most popular. Maybe because some think it's similar to Tobacco Vanille.

    If you want a vetiver dominated scent then this one is not the one to go to. It's done well here but is in harmony with the other notes. Personally, I'm keen on The Different Company's Sel de Vetiver.

    Thanks for the comments! Much appreciated.

  20. Sumant Balakrishnan

    A very helpful review, Raj. I don't think there are many who've reviewed Vetyver in the L'Occitone line. Eau des Baux seems to be by far the most popular.

    May I pick your brains on how you think this stacks up against other vertivers that you think are good ?

    Thank you.

    And your style is just great ! By keeping things simple, unpretentious, and honest, you instantly connect with your audience. As your subscriber would only want you to keep up the great reviews you're doing.

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