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L’Instant Extreme by Guerlain – Fragrance Review #6

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  1. I got it today – new formula – it reminds me of A*Men. More sophisticated though 

  2. I usually go with 3 sprays (chest/behind the neck and on one wrist that I put against my other wrist, not rub) Thanks for watching!

  3. damn yea… that's expensive.. I think the Guerlain boutique in Montreal sold them for 80$

  4. But there's a catch. A 75 ml bottle of LIDGE in here will set you back about 125 CAD. Pretty nasty deal.

  5. amazing! Hopefully I'll visit there soon and pick up a backup bottle :)

  6. You can buy like 6 bottles in here if you want to. They're just waiting on the shelf to be picked up 😉

  7. Thank you! Is it easily available in Romania? In canada it's hard to find

  8. Love the musical intro fade-into speaking. It's the small stuff that matters 😉 Great review bro. l'Insant Extreme is in my top 5 for sure. Wasn't always there, but my nose sort of.. emancipated itself.

  9. FragranceCommunity

    I saw it being always available at Duty free shops but in US its very difficult to find. I think Canada guerlain botiques have them though. Thanks for the video Claudiu

  10. Sounds like a great scent. I love that your mom commented how good it smelled. It's always great to get complemented on the scent we are wearing!

  11. nice i really liked the original L'instant ! i KNOW i will like this once i get a chance to smell it ! great review man!

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