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Light Blue Living Stromboli by Dolce & Gabbana | Fragrance Review

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  1. I agree with you on everything that is why when this one came out and I bought it, after 2 hours I was like hell no and return it to Macy's and I did the same with a 5 oz D & G The One, Dolce & Gabbana need 2 Give projection and longivity to their fragrances, they need to partner up with Thierry Mugler, haaa

  2. I found this fragrance really boring!

  3. Nice review—luckily, it's a cheap fragrance as you point out!

  4. Love red pepper so i have to check it out..

  5. lol@ the name .. geez… Yeah pass on this for sure.. I have a weird question for you. The black head hanging on your wall… What exactly is it? I have the same thing in my house. Someone gave it to me years ago. Not sure if it has any meaning.

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  7. Great vid!! D&G Pour Home is much more better for me.

  8. Mark “wizzybeatz” onewizzy

    Love your videos.. Please check my top ten i just posted and let me no your thoughts thanks

  9. Nice review. Interesting that you get no longetivity out of it. Stromboli is actually my preferred winter endurance sport scent. I get easily six hours from it in below zero Centigrade temperature. Can't really remember how it did in summer temperatures, perhaps it just disappeared, but for winter sports on me it's awesome and it keeps on going strong too.

  10. I was hoping for a Light Blue Swimming In Lipari review, but I guess that's for another time.


  12. living Stromboli? Lol what a ridiculous name, be on the lookout for D&G The One spaghetti noodle!

  13. Spot on Review Cody. This one is just linear and boring and does not last. The original does not last mush on me as well but this one is worse.

  14. is it like Gucci Pour Homme II ?

  15. Great review. Nice breakdown of its smell. Light Blue doesn't last on my skin, so this flanker is a pass to me.

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