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Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana Perfume/Fragrance Review

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  1. I like it it's better than the mans version it's like a Unisex frag I would wear it 

  2. Johmathan .B. Swift

    I like this one for men too. Smells great on me. I let my friend at work try it, he loves it also .Got a sample in the mail .Tried it out not knowing it was targeted for women. It's certainly is a unisex. Just love it. When I first put it on I smelled a nice natural lemon , maybe mandarin , then after a little bit , I thought I smelled green apples. I thought to myself  " Why do they cal it Light Blue " Anyways .Solid and honest review 

  3. I just stole my wife's D&G light blue!!

  4. I brought this perfume & I smell something woody in it but still citrusy.
    I wish I can still have it:)

  5. Why is this Gay dude trying to turn out the straight guys by suggesting that they should wear this one instead of the men version? Also, perfumes always! smell better than colognes.  Hey dude, leave the straight guys alone!!

  6. my girlfriend got this for me lol

  7. i was probably one of the last people to own this because I did not want to wear it while the hype was so high but I recently starting wearing it and I can understand why so many people love(d) it. I am a girl and feel it is such a fresh, sexy smell. I don't like the really fruity/sugar sweet smells ie pink sugar and feel this is a great alternative. I agree with a lot of others when they say how much men love this smell. I can definitely see how a guy could pull this off as well.


  9. i really like the guy version better.

  10. YOUTUBE Search: AV Blue Lights

  11. nao entendi caraio nenhum

  12. ey i have a question i saw at a reputable department store here in the Philippines some small version of i think 25 ml im not really sure…are those real? im planing to buy one actually

  13. I totally agree about this being better on men!

  14. @azamnabe agreed! :) thanks for your comment! Really appreciate your support.

  15. i love this more than the male version…..it very refreshing esp during the hot day…

  16. the music in your vids make me want to pee no offense

  17. I completely agree that it smells better on male skin. It smells good- but I think I may be too fem to really wear it. I love to smell the bottle- but spray it and I feel like I'm being haunted by some super hot dead guy. Good thing? Bad thing? Who knows lol

  18. you are cute

  19. @GarciaSilas Totally! :)

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