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Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana Fragrance Review (Men’s Cologne)

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  1. nice review, liked and subbed, make more i see your and mine skin chemistry are almost same as i watched few of your vides, same issues

  2. i feel so sorry for you you made the best fragrance review and it only got 20 likes 8(

  3. Deffinitly a summer favorite of mine for sure and probably my number 2 most complimented fragrance next to Aventus of course !!!

  4. Cathy control your boyfriend please. lol

  5. I will look into some unisex fragrance. Many people believe that fragrance is all unisex but marketed differently. I dont see it that way. I see some fragrances as more masquline or more feminine in feel. Kind of like a spectrum. Any suggestions? I may go out and try them and then do a review..

  6. It would be interesting to see a list of unisex scents that are worth buying. I''m married and sometimes we can use the same scents and they smell good on men and women. What do think about sharing your thoughts on that?

  7. Thanks I will do my best.

  8. A bit strong but in a good way, not intoxicating, fresh n smooth. Great review.

  9. Yep I do that too. Thanks man

  10. Thank you

  11. Nice review buddy. I quite like this one. It's one that I would just put on for casual if staying in the house that kinda thing. Good to see another review from you

  12. Thanks man

  13. Thanks Jai

  14. Keep them coming

  15. good review bro *

  16. Great take

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