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L’homme by Yves Saint Laurent Fragrance/Cologne Review (2006)

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  1. Funny thing about this fragrance is my ex girlfriend would wear my bottle of this. Lol.

  2. If you have La Nuit De L'Homme, does it make sense to get L'homme?

  3. A fragrance for 60$ with bad longevity and projection = waste of 60$.

    I compare all fragrances with Thierry Mugler, his fragrances set the mark for all.
    If it doesn't last for 12+ hours and projects decent, i don't want it.

  4. Marc. EDP or EDT..? which would you prefer of this cologne..?

  5. yea I think this is a great fragrance…..when you can do a review on sex panther

  6. Great review !

  7. this is a great fragrance to fish for compliments :) i love this cologne

  8. @robes08 could you do libre l'homme by ysl?

  9. Just ordered it. Thanks for the reassurance :)

  10. ПавлеЕванс

    Everything on feelunique is the real deal, mate. Buy with confidence.

  11. Considering buying a bottle of this from feelunique, it's only £24.99 for 40ml, can anyone tell me if this is likely to be fake or legit?

  12. Just got it today loving it

  13. Go into JC Pennys or Dillards and they will have a sample bottle

  14. l'homme vs gucci pour homme II

    wich one would you choose?

  15. smells incredible..but isnt that strong. if someone is close they will smell it..but doesnt project that much. you can shower in it and it wont matter much..so really no worries about over spraying.

  16. Where can i get samples of this?

  17. Smells really nice but has a feminine perfume feel

  18. This one is really rich in ingredients. Sweet and fresh, one of my top favorites.

  19. I smell honey in this fragrance.

  20. I kinda of like L'homme Gingembre better than this one. Gingembre seems to be lighter and fresher and less spicy making it better for teens, i think. The only thing that sucks for gingembre is that it's an eau de cologne making the longevity sucking real hard. Would this be correct ?

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