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L’Homme by YSL Review! You’re Gonna Like It

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  1. Great review!  

    I was wonder what you guys thought of L'Homme Parfum Intense?  Do you like it..?

  2. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. I get average to poor projection and longevity, but the scent itself is very good. Bright, airy, and for me a little floral but with a masculine base.  For me this is an at-work only fragrance, because it's universally pleasant, inoffensive, and professional.  It smells like a guy doing your taxes.  I mean that in a good way.  I would not wear it if I was going out.  Very good review, gents, and I very much enjoy all of your reviews.

  4. I dont give a f@rt about that.

  5. I put it together with Chanel allure love them both.

  6. great review bros!! i really didn't like this one to much i prefer the other one.

  7. I tried this many times but couldn't convince myself to get me a bottle! Its just OK for me nothing ground breaking.

  8. Great review guys! I am with Jer on this one and would give it top ratings as well. I happened upon this fragrance as a sample in a Sephora order. When I received the sample, I snuck it into my husbands travel bag. A few days later we were on vacation and all day I kept catching whiffs of his fragrance…and it smelled fantastic! When we got back I bought him a bottle, and he has gone through multiple…his consumption has gone down with the inclusion of La Nuit to his collection!

  9. My husband owns this, but I'm totally agreeing with everything you said about it being in the upper echelon of "generic" smelling colognes… I like the scent, but I don't go crazy when he wears it :/ Any of the CREED scents, Viktor & Rolf Spice Bomb, and Mugler's Pure Malt are my fav fragrances on him :)

  10. Hey fragrancebros, help me out please. To me Dior Homme Sport is very similar to Thallium Sport. Green Irish Tweed is very similar to Cool Water. Please recommend a cheap one that smells like a good expensive one. thanks

  11. I have l'homme, la nuit, and libre. Like them all a lot, but none lasts all that much on me. Nor projects, for that matter. If they could just rev up the performance of them without monkeying with the scent, all three would be my go-to scents, generic or not be damned

  12. Great quality and very pleasant and very generic… Will never offend anyone but because it is so generic I can't really see myself ever reaching for it… I don't own it nor have I… There are two guys at work that do wear it and I am familiar with the scent which is very nice but just does not gel with me… *shrugs* Great review…

  13. the quality of YSL frags is generally a notch or two above the average imo.

  14. A swiss army knife fragrance?! Clever!

  15. Great review, thanks bros !!!

  16. Swiss Army knife of scents! Thanks for the review guys

  17. Cheers!!!

  18. I really love this scent and all of its flankers. The Swiss Army knife was a great analogy as it really does fit at all times. The longevity for me is mediocre though. Thats its only draw back. Libre flanker is really the most underrated flanker, which is a pity, because its great in its own right as well.

  19. hahahaha

  20. NOOOOOO!!!! lol

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