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  1. Girl, you had me crying, laughing so hard about the Gold Bond powder. My husband had to come in and see what I was laughing at, then he started giggling. He was like "why such a small bottle. He buys the jumbo economy size!

  2. Cynthia Phaengsy

    I found your channel through Kathleen and watched a few of your videos.. This one made me subscribe :) binge watching now

  3. OMG sour patch snatch your cracking me up.

  4. Sour patch snatch…..I can't stop laughing. You said that with a straight face. Love you!

  5. Lmao! Sour patch snatch… Ur awesome

  6. Brand new to your channel and you're killing me…I'm laughing through your whole empties. Don't forget to wash your snatch!

  7. Feel ya as a redhead, lucky my kids didn't end up with the redhead/fair genes and tan up like little biscuits. I bathe in sunscreen and still burn in 10 minutes, kinda ridiculous. You were totally killing me in this video, always good for a laugh!

  8. nickiochsenbein01

    sour patch snatch….. I'm still rolling. loved this

  9. OMG I die watching you sometimes! This might have been my favorite empties video ever. Between the coocamunga, sour patch snatch and repeatedly saying balls I laughed so hard! I use the neutrogena baby sunscreen on my dog and the one I got doesn't have those nasty chemicals. We did just switch to a safe harbor one that's all natural and I'm liking it so far.

  10. Amanda Alexander

    Oh Laura. You crack me up 😂

  11. Maricela De Jesus

    I haven't watched you in a while. I've missed you. Love you. For real you are the bomb dot com

  12. Would you consider making a list of the products in the description? I personally follow along better when I can read the full products line. Thanks for the vids.

  13. Joanne badbadkitty

    I put it in my workout sneakers.

  14. can't stop laughing….😂😂😂😂😂😂 my grandpa uses gold bond on his feet.

  15. Ha sour patch snatch. And gold bonds for your feet lol

  16. omg your gold bond talk was hilarious!!!

  17. nicolejohnson624

    my hubby uses that gold bond in his shoes , to absorb moisture and cool his feet in his work boots lol

  18. maybe tmi but i know my hubby puts medicated powder on his balls lol, so thats probably what your hubby does!

  19. LMFAO!!!!!! "If you are a perfume whore" lol I laughed so hard

  20. I thought gold bond was for your feet. Menthol and balls doesn't sound like a good match. But I don't have balls so I wouldn't know. 😂😁😬

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