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Legend by Mont Blanc | Fragrance Review

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  1. Fabrício Pereira

    Please, would like your opinion on which is best aroma, Legend or individuel? Thank you!

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  3. Smells like curve to me

  4. This stuff is good but reminds me of laundry/dish soap mix and my girlfriend described this as smelling good but it smells like bubbles.lol

  5. I'd love to hear your opinion on Individuel. Great videos by the way, best fragrance channel for me on yt. :)

  6. (1) Unremarkable bottle? No notable features? Have you seen the chrome top part? The embossed cap? This is a very high-quality flacon
    (2) Who cares about ounces? Give sizes in milliliters, like civilized people
    (3) Well done for noting all the ingredients. Big news.
    Useless review.

  7. Do Mont Blanc individuel 

  8. Can you do the mint blanc individuel. Ppl say it smells like the creed santal. Thanks

  9. You should review A&F Fierce.

  10. PianoMelodyNotes Gabry

    For the next buy ;)

  11. Save your pennies and skip this or Abercrombie and Fitchs Fierce. The dollar tree has a version of this called Black Mountain by European American Designs smells exactly the same and it's only 1$!!!!!

  12. +Jhayz Perez I agree with Mont Blanc Legend Intense being a killer. I have received many compliments every single time I wore it. +dracdoc I will like to hear your thoughts on this cologne. Ask your women co-workers what the think about and I guarantee they will like it. 

  13. It's flanker mont blanc legend intense is a killer. It's like mont blanc legend on full force. 

  14. 2 sprays and I am set…the projection on this cologne is a beast on me…i get about 4 hrs strong.and last me about 8 hrs on it…i like this cologne alot…. don't over spray it does get coin

  15. I've worn it and people love it! I guess it depends on how it mixes with the chemistry of your body!

  16. Sir can you please review acqua di gio essenza….its an edp series of acqua di gio….please please review that fragrance….i want to hear your thoughts on that particular fragrance

  17. great review. will you be reviewing Exceptionnel by Mont Blanc anytime soon? I don't seen to be able to find any review on it and it is suppose to be a very good inexpensive buy. cheers

  18. I had Legend Intense, and I was happy I was able to return it. Smells exactly like Fierce (which I have already).

  19. I really enjoy your videos and perspective. I need help if you could possibly assist me. I'm interested in products that are great in smell with strong projection and sillage. Issue is most fragrances that I've come across so far (in my limited time in fragrance community) only dark spicy fragrances fit that criteria, which I'm not a fan of. I like fresh scents but not to aqua, I like fruity scents that aren't young, and masculine scents. I find myself enjoying unisex fragrances, but they don't have projection, or sillage I'm seeking. Could you give me a few fragrances that could fit the criteria of what I'm looking for? Smooth and subtle yet a powerhouse. Thanks In Advance!

  20. Big fan of your reviews but this new intro is awful! (the music)

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