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L’eau Par Kenzo Pour Homme by Kenzo Cologne/Fragrance Review (1999)

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  1. RayRay PooteyTang

    Hey..Marc could you please review my favorite Kenzo..The Jungle!!  The scent is "OUT OF THIS WORLD" and I want your take on it please if you can!!   Thanks..

  2. No longevity whatsoever.

  3. you should name some of the discounters that you shop at!

  4. I am testing this today but im really not sure what to think. It reminds me of limes with a strong herbal scent. Sometimes I get the melon/cucumber of many aquatics which makes it less interesting.

  5. this scent smells nice. very invigorating and the citrus is very well done, but the longevity is terrible

  6. If you want a lemony cologne, look at Arlington by Dr.Harris and Co

  7. wow that was really a good review

  8. thisnamealsotaken

    u really seem to know a lot, unfort i can't say the same off the ppl that complement u cus i saw ur top 10 list and the top 3 were horrible; especially paco rabanne and le male cus those are only worn by illegal immigrants where i live lol.

  9. thisnamealsotaken

    hahaha u have such detailed reviews, love it. what is the best aquatic sense ever for u? iv had aqua di gio and issey, which to me are two best ever. are there any other that are on that level?

  10. Anyone think this cologne smells like 2010 tommy summer?

  11. @AcroSaints very very nice lemony cologne I just discovered is Guerlain homme l'eau. Deciding between these two.

  12. just got samples of it and loved it and just ordered a 1.7oz., You're right on the lemon. makes a great addition to my spring/summer collection. Thanks.

  13. Hey Marc, love your reviews. I went to Norstrom yesterday and they sprayed me with Kenzo Homme Eau De. One spray lasted hours and it had a beautiful scent! Can you tell me anything about this house and this particular fragrance? Thank you.

  14. Best Kenzo out there IMO.

  15. you gotta check that one out. the smell is soooo awesome. better than aqua di gio or bulgari aqua. though you need more than 5 sprays every time you put it on because (as marc said) projection and longevity are pretty poor.
    they should do an eau de parfum for this…

  16. This is my go to in the summer. The high temperature where i live is in excess of 100 degrees. Describing this as loving the heat is accurate.

  17. @AcroSaints look into the Dior Sport and/or Chanel Allure Sport / Edition Blanche authentic citrus feeling

  18. Hey Marc, if I'm looking for a lemony cologne to wear daily, are there any besides this one that you would recommend? Or would you go with this?

  19. dope track at the Beggining

  20. @CanwllCorfe615 great info thanks for sharing about the bottles, i might try a few flankers of this stuff later on in the year

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