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L’eau D’Issey Pour Homme Sport by Issey Miyake – The Sephora Challenge

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  1. Hey, Dan! I was wondering if u ever sniffed the new NUIT D'ISSEY from Issey Miyake? They have it for sample at Macy's. U have to try and review it. Nice blend of dark leather and peppermint.

  2. old monkeyKing Enma

    Some ppl say it last a very long time some say it's poor on the longevity. I just blind bought it and hope it do last longtime on my skin. What colonges do you think has longevity and have a fresh summer smell? Don't forget projection and sillage. 

  3. On this fragrance, would you see this as a gym bag scent? If you get the blood flowing and the body heat up will it be over powering? Or would Cartier roadster sport be a better choice?

  4. this one kinda reminds me of Platinum Egoiste

  5. Hey Dan, you mentioned in an older review that the projection of the Issey Intense was worse than the original. Have you had any chance to try different batches/samples of the Issey Intense, and see if maybe it's improved? I'm hearing varying accounts, with some saying that it has very little projection, and others saying that it has extremely good projection.

  6. Lmao. Dan, everything you do is epic.

  7. Interestingly I don't get the florals out of the original just the yuzu with the other citrus along with the woody notes. I Love it!!
    I don't think I need to have the Sport version in my collection.
    And let me tell you that I love the comments from your children!! Seems we have the future of the frag maniacs on them :)
    Happy 2014!!!

  8. Great review Dan. I got the same floral bomb from the original. The best of the bunch to me is the Bleue version. It's green, spicy, with an herbal feel. Very nice and it's dirt cheap now. 

  9. I had never sniffed this one because I am NOT a fan of the original… I think the original smells like a floor cleaner… I guess I'll at least give this one a sniff after watching your description… (soft though it may be… ^_^)

  10. I lile the idea of TOM.G on listing the best and the worst colognes from this sephora challenge but you no why ?because my gucci is on the listh with the best hshaaaha! Kiding in fact if you will do a best and worst after this chose top 5 from the best it will bee great

  11. Butt scratcher!  Butt scratcher!  Butt Scratcher!

  12. Nice review! I see oud oils in the background. I have two. An indian oud oil (known as attar) and rasasi amber oud.The oud doesn't smell as great as m7 oud intense. That perfume is awesome. The perfume oils give me a headache.

  13. From my memory, the Sport smells closer to l'Eau d'Issey for women than pour homme, but sharper. Sport has really camphorous vapors, it burns my eyes.

  14. its nothing special at all.. this whole house, summer 09 is nice and thats it.

  15. yes man do it 😉 summer 2012 edition was very nice …..

  16. Nope. Oud rocks ;)

  17. Hey Dan, whats your take on 'Rose d' Arabie' from the Armani Prive line?, its a rose oud mix quite nice. Love the  Family Guy quotes as well haha

  18. Great video, Thanks !

  19. although sport's opening is better than the leau de isseys opening, when it comes to dry down, sport is totally lacking compared to the original

  20. Great video! Btw I just bought pure malt creation 2013. It's a new erosion of pure malt. Wow excellence 

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