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L’eau D’Issey Pour Homme by Issey Miyake “STREET SCENTS” The Series FRAGRANCE/COLOGNE

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  1. if it was chloroform, it would be great porn  intro ;D

  2. Used to be my go to fragrance when I was a teenager, but my wife says it smells cheap so I can't wear it. 

  3. You remind me so much of Rocky Balboa, in a good way! IT'S AWESOME! XD

  4. where cam i buy an original issey miyake online?

  5. Love the videos but man butchering the names haha!

  6. Very powerful 

  7. If it's Pour Homme it can't be considered Unisex LOL

  8. Where is the cheapest place I can buy this

  9. Mohammad Abu Saada

    As usual, hey man why don't you try to keep away from the noise ??!! We can't distinguish

  10. Hey! I'm Jeff, I live in Singapore, and i just bought this new cologne today, So obviously I have no idea of cologne at all. I mean this is like my first cologne. I really appreciate that I found your video on Youtube and I would like to thank you for the review. Thanks man!

  11. This cologne is more meant for spring/summer right?

  12. Smell completely different, and it is nice but not intense at all. I prefer the intense over this.

  13. BloodAndSweatNoTears

    i respect that

  14. Following you for awhile and nothing like street level credit


  16. First notes are too citrus for me. Smells fantastic after 10 or 15min though and lasts forever.

  17. 8/10 bad rates for this masterpiece! i love this one 8 hours easy

  18. Hows the intense?

  19. 00:02 Whoo whoo

  20. it's better to see what girls think about men's fragrances, can you please make a L'instant de Guerlain female episode??

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