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L’eau D’Issey pour homme by Issey Miyake Cologne/Fragrance Review

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  1. Nice Lacoste polo lol 

  2. I like how you keep your reviews short

  3. I love this smell! 

  4. got some anglo-saxon pussy wearing this scent. A+

  5. This ful reading the description…doesn't know shit about it

  6. This ful reading the description…doesn't know shit about it

  7. Why do the 90's frags have such great longevity?

  8. Nice review, I love L'eau D'Issey! Probably my favorite cologne out there, it's so great for parties. The amount of compliments this stuff will get you is incredible. It's kinda pricy, but then again so are most colognes.

  9. His other video on this the notes he tells you something Else and he will say 1992 and 1922?? When u edit watch that and he had the perfume bottle I ignore him

  10. Wore this one for a few years–great day scent, and I'm no stranger to intense scents, since my signature is A*MEN, but "few" can mean a lot of things, usually three, and three is probably too much. Two sprays is /plenty/ even for a solid night dancing. One is more than enough for day wear–stand back and spray it. Your coworkers will smell it even when you can't anymore, and you'll get far more compliments.

  11. Didn't like it either. Would just go with no scent.

  12. Yea smells like feminine deodorant spray.

  13. Brandon Chalmers

    Lols "Land that chick "lol

  14. Vignesh Raghuram

    CUBBY! long time!
    You think this one is the best choice for the summer? Than say…. Chanel Allure homme sport and Versace Eau Fraiche?

  15. how many sprays if im in high school, 2 or 3?

  16. I bought this a year ago. At first I had to get used it, but it does smell very good. A bit expensive but a nice colonge to wear day or night! You do get noticed with this cologne. It's a refreshing clean scent! Very nice for spring and summer! I recommend it. If I was rating this cologne out of five stars, I'd give it a 4!

  17. Does anyone else get a harsh opening that last about an hour or so? Only thing i don't like about this scent.

  18. Goko Pejcinovski

    This od Acqua Di Gio ? 😀

  19. SuperMarvinramos

    @aznracerboi2k5 hahahahaha

  20. @hellomoto170

    two very different colognes. this is very spring/summery and 1 million (i personally think) is more of a fall cologne although you probably could pull it off in spring/summer if you went light on the trigger.

    two very different fragrances though :)

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