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L’eau D’issey Pour Homme by Issey Miyake cologne review

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  1. Nice review ,I recently picked this one up love it last a long time on my skin

  2. Really lovely scent, it's sad fragrances perform poorly on my skin .

  3. Best Aquatic fragrance ever made! You'll never find a fresh citrus fragrance that will last for that long! 

  4. I am 13 and I bought this scent and because of the citrus and freshness I think people younger than high school age could wear it.

  5. +dracdoc  how many sprays you apply ?

  6. I have been using the L'eau D'issey Pour Homme for the past 5 years and every time I put it on I get many positive comments from women. However I am now looking for something similar to add to my collection. Have also been using the Mont Blanc Presence but it lacks projection and longevity, what do you suggest for possibly temperatures exceeding 100 degrees F? Also can you compare it to other Issey Miyake men fragrances?

  7. hello i bought L`eau D`issey  by Issey miyake, i like it and summer is soon here, but i tried it out for 2 days and the smell is not noticable on my skin even if i spray seriously 10 times on my body its gone in 30 min :S it smells strong at first but just dissepears dont know whats wrong, is it becuase it doesnt work with my skin?

  8. Great review. I dont think anyone uses this where I live. It totally works for me – Thanks for letting me know it existed

  9. I was wondering if you have tried Nuit D'Issey yet and if you plan on reviewing it. I just picked it up and really like it. I think your reviews are great and very thorough so I am curious what you think of the fragrance.

  10. Do you still reach for this alot thought the year?

  11. Alejandro Flores

    Are you a real doctor?

  12. please review the issey miyake YUZU EDITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13.  I got this in my collection and love it.but if you also try escape from calvin klein it
    has almost the same smell.which I love as well.thanks for the review doc

  14. The African American community loves this fragrance to death.  Every male in my family had owned a bottle of issey

  15. Hey do u trust fragrance x?  i bought an issey miyake from them and the box they sent me was different to the one as adveritsed

  16. hey bro, can you look forward into reviewing it's newest flanker "nuit d'issey" ?

  17. I bought this from ebay ,,I just trow away .. And buy a new one from fragancenet will see ..I still waiting .. I really enjoy all you reviews !!very prof.. 

  18. Men to be honest this is a garbage cologne my opinion … My respect to you…

  19. Is eau de toilette the same as way de cologne…? I'm very confused? I have eau de cologne stuff from the clothing brands like aero, hollister and a&f but they don't even last very long. So would this cologne be good enough? The one shown in the video

  20. BEURK!

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