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L’eau D’issey by Issey Miyake sample cologne/fragrance review

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  1. w w w . resellerratings . com/store/FragranceNet

    Read before buying :)

  2. @amg90069 Yeah buddy=)

  3. @jnthnnixon Not yet man. I will make an unboxing video when I will get it.

  4. @jnthnnixon I know=) This stuff has some magic about it=)

  5. @jnthnnixon I'm already subscribed to Aaron. He is a cool guy. Thanks a lot for the support my friend =)

  6. @jnthnnixon wow You are the first person who shares my opinion about this being a classy scent. I completely agree with you as far as that goes. Thanks for watching bud. =)

  7. @rippx hahah Hey there are always exceptions=) Thanks for watching brotha=)

  8. @LASTSIKHLEFT Hopefully you'll get it with no problems=)

  9. @Linus412 If it's not popular then it's definitely great)

  10. here in belgium the only 2 fragrances that are worn is ADG and le male so I pull this off like a rockstar 😉

  11. Kirill Arzhanikov

    @JonItalia Hahah=)

  12. Kirill Arzhanikov

    @rentedkoala Я очень рад)))

  13. Kirill Arzhanikov

    @tonycapp1987 It's good for any type of wheather)

  14. Kirill Arzhanikov

    @keenanjpn Thanks for the support bud)

  15. Good video, and yes I know wot u mean about the D-bags everywhere. Its a shame they can ruin some of the nicest things. Look forward to more reviews. Thanks

  16. Kirill Arzhanikov

    @rentedkoala да да да конечно купи. Это очень хороший вклад денег если думаеш о покупке нового или первого одеколона.)))

  17. u get right to the points . ur a good reviewer man!!! keep it up. BTW ,is this a good one for the cold weather , I live in Canada so…

  18. Thanks for the review Kirill! I had a giftcard and used it on this today. Cool music at the start.

  19. Kirill Arzhanikov

    @Heliskiingonly Issey is a great one))) Get this definately)))

  20. Kirill Arzhanikov

    @flexwheelR hahah I'll think about it)))

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