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L’eau D’Issey by Issey Miyake Fragrance/Perfume Review

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  1. Sorry but this great fragrance is not genderless, in fact is very very feminine. And it´s not simply!! It´s cool but so elegant too, and if someday you don´t feel like wearing any perfume, choose another, this it´s not the alternative cause this amazing fragrance screams from allover you!!!! (excuse my french)

  2. Love it. Give mee Give meee Give meeee!!

  3. This is a cologne for women, not men, at least not real men. 

  4. A gay guy saying a floral cologne isn't feminine. You're joking. My girlfriend bought me this, i had to wash the shit off my body right away. It's disgusting. If you like your guy to be a woman, by all means buy it. This man will not take advice from a homo. 

  5. You said you like the women's version better, but..did you mean that you like it better on men? Or you just like the fragrance better? I ordered a sample vial, but I just realized that I ordered the women's version by mistake (I'm a guy). It does smell very floral- I'm not sure if it's safe for me to wear or if it's TOO feminine, haha.

  6. My favorite scent hands down :)

  7. Thanks for showing how to open, I didn't know how to open the bottle at all. I feel silly,at least I know now. I love this scent!!!

  8. I have this on my hand right now to test more…. I really like the smell of it when you just get a small whiff of it, but up close it actually smells/smelled kind of gross and kind of like slightly decomposing wet grassy reeds. I just put it on.

    This is a fragrance that does seem to get much more pleasant after 20-30 minutes— do you feel that way about it Chris? I think you mentioned that, but on the top there is something that just doesn't sit quite right with me but that seems to go away.

  9. I agree to be honest, I have been wearing Issey for years male version. I brought this version once by mistake and wore it, it worked for me, i'm male and I'm a pro personal trainer & teach kick boxing so that should help u decide lol..

  10. @personagrata1977 maybe it's your speakers because it sounds ok to me.

  11. In my opinion, l eau d issey is soooo feminine, so floral…not at all masculine. In addition, your music is really loud, but your voice is not…I cant almost hear you

  12. I'm not sure what kind of women you know .. .but this is a female fragrance … doesn't mean you can't wear it though!

  13. This has to b one of THE best fragrances I have ever smelled.

  14. @ZinniaStargirl thanks! Caribou has made some really great stuff 😀

  15. gotta love caribou!

  16. LOVE the intro music.

  17. Yeah, you know what, this one is definitely better than the pour homme one. PH has so many memories associated to it, though, which is why I can't replace it when it comes to Issey Miyake. Thanks for this review, Cubster!

  18. This sounds better than the male version by your description. Thanks for your review, I like that your reviews are right to the point.

  19. @123komak123 yyyaaa!!! :)

  20. @dyaney i dont really smell rose in this one. the florals arent your typical florals.. they are more fresh and aquatic.

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