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L’eau Bleue D`Issey Pour Homme by Issey Miyake Fragrance/Cologne Review (2004)

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  1. This fragrance is a beast on me, super strong, it gave me a strong headache. To me it smells a lot like Bleu de chanel…. It smells really good, but super strong….shud be careful with the spray. I don't get a green feel on it…I love it, it's cheap, last for ages, projects really well….. win win, if u ocf course…can stand it.. I agree, not fresh, at all…..very spicy.

  2. opening of the bottle is very strong..but after 20 mins. the dry down is amazing very sexy and fresh.
    a wow factor from philippines

  3. I've had this scent for close to 8 years now. I don't get an herbal feel but more of a black peppercorn scent which I rather like to be honest. The bottle is almost done so it looks like it's time to hunt some down. 

  4. Why did this get discontinued ?

  5. i have one bottle but mine was deferent , not like herbal fragrance , i need for real this one but it was so complete defeent than the one in the video i mean. it s the same blue bottle but not the same fragrance, i been looking for this one but dont like herbal fragrance 

  6. Alezandro Casabar

    hi marc, im a fan from here in the philippines. you may also wanna review the edition bois of miyake so youd have another exclusive. would love to hear your comments on it. you convinced me to get the 2009 summer ed. great frag! keep it up sir!

  7. Le blue use to be a clear bottle that was the best one

  8. I might give this a shot! I saw the 4.2 for 29.99 at Marshall's!

  9. RayRay PooteyTang

    For a guy who says he dislike the scent sure loves smelling it over and over again!!! Hmmmmmm…Marc

  10. RayRay PooteyTang

    I just received from my secret admire the 2.5 oz. and I got to say…WOW!!!!! Something I have never smelled before!!!!!! Very Good, Very Unique!!!!! I highly recommend, but I heard its hard to find??

  11. Can we all say "Herbaceous!!" :}O Never mind…thanks for review!!

  12. it,s a best seals in my shop

  13. Just bought this cologne and i f***king love it. Was pretty nervous yet extremely curious about this cologne, read so many comments about it saying how it definitely turns head especially from women and i can see why its very very unique, not for everyone especially if u hate herbal scents. Best way i can describe this is "bare with me most of you are gonna be like wtf? Really" to me this smells like vicks vapor rub + cow manure aisle from home depot + freshly cut wet grass. love it tho haha

  14. My ex wife gave me a L'eau Bleue D`Issey in 2007, now I asked her for another and she said: "F*ck you as**le!… besides I cannot find it"
    So I believe there's not in Mexico neither.

  15. I started using L'eau Bleue D`Issey years ago… now this cologne is not available in North America. I found a few fragrance shops that had it, but it is not the same. I don’t know if they are selling knock offs or if they changed the formula. Does anyone know where I can find L'eau Bleue D`Issey in Canada or even the USA????

  16. i totally love this fragrance,already finished 3 bottles,looking for one more!
    but let me tell you guys if you are looking to hang out with girls,dont wear this,its really spicy in the end,if you are hanging out in a boys party,u r pretty sure to grab some compliments,one of my favorites in collection…..it is a different kind of perfume that u really should own if you are looking for diverse fragrances!

  17. Ignacio Rodriguez


  18. Ignacio Rodriguez

    I hate u robes

  19. This fragrance is a masterpiece – sexy and wonderful. Herbal and fresh like a walk in the woods after a rain. I love it on my man.

  20. Good review Sir….. but I guarantee that you will change your mind in the future! I GUARANTEE!!! This is one of my top complement getters!!

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