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Le Male Terrible by Jean Paul Gaultier | Fragrance Review

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  1. i´ve sprayed it on myself … and you´re right, almost the same like original, with peppery/grapefruit opening. not that synthetic, not that strong , it´s not bad at all! i really love the dry down – after one hour (on skin), like lots of ppl say, it´s so well blended, so well crafted.
    ´s very harmonic and pleasant after one hour on the skin, not that punchy like original, but it´s good, more calm, more harmonic . … my guess is: much more wearable during the day

  2. i´ve just ordered it …. so we´ll see …
     i´ve ordered it because of pepper notes and absence of powdery vibe
    i probably have refomulated le male in my possession because it has such a heavy synthetic mint/vanilla headache vibe

  3. le male is much better than le male terrible. I have them both and I prefer le male.

  4. What about ultra male?

  5. herrera by carolina herrera

  6. The dry down is excellent.

  7. Michał Zieliński

    What do you think about Tom Ford for Men? Greetings from Poland!

  8. How the hell can you sleep with those bloody trains going past

  9. Hey Doc, good job on color coordinating you sweater and the fragrance you are reviewing!! Did you do that on purpose?

  10. Really good scent. Not talked about hardly at all. I still gotta try ultra male. Heard it's really good.

  11. Cody, could you do a video comparing some popular fragrances to their "intense", "extreme", "concentré", "parfum", etc. flankers? For example, L'Homme and La Nuit de L'homme, Dolce & Gabbana The One, Dior Homme, Aqua di Gio, and Spicebomb all have these "intense" flankers, and I think your opinion would help people decide if they should get the originals, the flankers, or both! Thank you!

  12. I'm actually reviewing this one soon. Well done,cody!

  13. Bravo! Really learned a lot on this one. So well done. Thanks Cody. Cheers.

  14. When you do a review about colognes like these that they are releasing another one similar to their original one you should add the link of your review on the description so it makes it easier for the viewers to see the review of the original one too if you made one already.

    Just a thought :)

  15. Advice: pass and just get le male. I have this and still spray from time to time but it's just so so for me.

  16. Aptly named

  17. Χαρης Ραπτης

    thanks for the review Cody !! have you heard the new flanker ultra male ??

  18. have you tried ck shock? suprisingly good for what it is .

  19. at Ross 3.5 for $50 . its been sitting there forever

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