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Le Male By Jean Paul Gaultier Cologne/Fragrance Review


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Summary : Good

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  1. i kinda feel you want to hate the fragrance but it's too good u have no choice, u started off saying you love  the bottle than you do the scent. the end says a different thing.

  2. ExtensionOfDenim

    can we leave slightly homophobic and race comments out of a fragrance review

  3. A few dabs behind the earlobe for a late night meal kinda fragrance, the lady killer I like to call it. 

  4. I like something that is STRONG! I have Guccie Guilty, and you can't smell anything after an hour. Hoping this will give me the strong smell I want.

  5. I like it, pretty nice. But this scent is nowadays remade, it's a little less projective and lasts about 2-10 hours.

  6. If you over apply this, you will choke the people around you… It is too strong!

  7. Hey man I just subscribed! :)
    Just one question: do you buy eau de parfum or toilette? And, which of the two (parfum or toilette) are all the colognes you have reviewed on your videos?

  8. My samples of it smelt like damn perfume even my girlfriend and mom said the same thing but people are giving this shit great reviews? I must've gotten a fake or something because that shit smelt liked perfume.

  9. Hey Brandon nice review…I actually like this fragrance. Everyone is absolutely right, you just cant use too much!

  10. Pentecostal Trinitarian Tongue Talker

    Okay, I personally think this fragrance stinks to high heaven.
    The only way I will ever waist my money on this again is if the girl I'm dating likes it.

  11. Dimitrius Wilkins

    hey brandon can you do a review on "clinique happy for men"

  12. Nothing this guy said is homophobic… I AM HOMOPHOBIC… FUCK YOU. You gays have taken over the world, go ahead with it, just leave me alone in my corner. I will never accept you pushing your private life in my face. Fuck off…. No apology.

  13. Nothing he said was homophobic. If this was 10 years ago then no one would be whining and crying like a whiny bitch. It's just today society is way too sensitive and weak and lacks personality and depth with no intellectual thought. I bet most gay men on here had no problem with what he said, it's the sensitive straight people on here who think they can speak for gays who are outraged. Get over yourselves, you don't speak for gays or anyone else but yourselves.

  14. That's just your own personal opinion. JPG is a world top seller for a reason and it's not just because men buy it. Men buy it because most women love it and tell their boyfriends and husbands to buy it. If most women thought it was a turn off then Jean Paul Gaultier would take it off the shelves and it wouldn't sell. Most men buy colognes to smell good for women, not to smell good for themselves, so many women are telling men to buy this cologne.

  15. This Fragrance smell cheap. It reminds me of that cigar cologne for $5.00. It makes me dizzy and nauseated. Its a turn-Off odor and I heard I'm not the only one allergic to it. With so many cologne out there, Please guys don't pick this stinky one!!!

  16. robin thicke – sex therapy

  17. I like the music played .may I know who is the singer and perhaps the album name?

  18. stfu dick riding faggot!

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