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LE MALE by Jean Paul Gaultier cologne/fragrance review

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  1. hey kiril great review whats up with the cocaine at 00:19?

  2. Honestly I like this frag a lot , it smells very good to me and I'm glad to have this in my collection but I do have to say my I have a girl friend from Spain and she doesn't like because a lot of guys in her country wears this .

  3. i feel the same way, dont like it much. but i had to get it in the collection, it is a legend/classic

  4. Kirill Arzhanikov

    I got you.

  5. I thought I would warm up to it. After a few months, I just gave it away. Seems like I'm one of the few who doesn't like it. :/

  6. Kirill Arzhanikov

    way player=)

  7. Kirill Arzhanikov

    At first I didn't like dreamer as well.

  8. I like Le Male, although I don't wear it. I cannot fucking stand the Dreamer. Smells horrendous. Too strong, stronger than Le Male.

  9. I've never met a female that didn't cream over this. Enough said

  10. Kirill Arzhanikov

    yes. There was a bottle change and possibly a reformulation as well. You are fine.=)

  11. Haha, totally agree about the dreamer beating Le Male. I recently Bought Le Male and then Sold Le Male, now I'm happy. Some people love this, but not me. This lasts for centuries on my skin, Ill give it that. I also do not like Fleur Du Male, waaaay too powdery and flowery for my liking.

  12. Kirill Arzhanikov

    Its too strong to wear to class where you will spend one hour with people.

  13. Kirill Arzhanikov

    lol thats powder=)

  14. Le Male smell like 212 sexy..but 212 sexy's way better it has that small kick of 212 original

  15. whats with the mountain of blowcaine?>

  16. its pronounced luh maalee

  17. `why shouldn't i wear this to school?

  18. I don't know what BOD smells like. Check out the packaging. If the serial #s don't match and the package is poorly sealed, leaks, or just poorly made then you might have a fake.

  19. does it smell like BOD fresh blue musk because that's what mines smells like, do i have a fake ??

  20. For sure… Le Male is the super winner for me :) LOTS LOVE for Le Male !!!! 😉

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