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Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier cologne review

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  1. have you done a review on Le Male Terrible? What do you think of that fragrance?

  2. David Martin Davies

    This is my top frag for compliments from women.  However, I agree with you in that to me it reminds me of "baby powder".  Hahaha, I was tickled to know you think so too.  :)

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  4. I felt the same way about jpg. I tried it a few years ago and opening made me wash it off. I
    Gave it a second chance today, well I actually sprAyed 10 different colognes while at Macy's. None caught my attention until 5 hours later when all others had faded
    And jpg was
    Still there.
    The smell is definitely elegant baby powder and I like it.

  5. After so much hype about how great this frag was i decided to buy it this winter. Now after using 20ml's and switching it wih Body Kouros ive gotta say that this with Bvlgari Aqva gotta be most dissapointing parfumes that ive bought. Just spicy vanilla and cinnamon. Lasts at most 8 hours but becomes skin scent after 5.

  6. They had a bunch of these for sale at Ross Dress For Less 4 oz bottles for around $25.00

  7. Please can anybody tells me when they reformulated the fragance? Because i feel the difference.

  8. Ill apply 1 fairly close spray, then go outside for 10 minutes and let it dry down.

  9. Awesome review! :) I want to buy a bottle of this. How do I know if the one I'm getting is not reformulated? Can there be some clue from the code?

  10. How do can I get a Le male that has not been reformulated? Like prior to 2011? Thanks

  11. dracdoc what is your number one scent and why. I really respect your opinions thanks.

  12. thanks dracdoc…….. one quick question. You say that Le Male smells like rich baby powder. Does that mean that Le Male smells like Paco Roban Powder ?? because that's what I think about when thinking of rich baby powder.

  13. Hello Doc, is it safe to buy Fragrances/Cologne on Ebay from "Top Rate" Seller or you can still have a fake Cologne from them?

  14. Excellent review! If I were to review it, I would have said so many of the same things as you! I haven't watched your review for 'Cuba Gold' yet, but yeah- not exactly the same, but quite close. The Cubas (all 20!) seem to be "inspired" by groupings/types of frags, and sometimes they come up with something even better (as is the case with 'Cuba Red'- IMO). Le Male has some similarities to Bvlgari 'Black', 'Body Kouros', Dali 'Black Sun'- they all have that tonka/orris- "powdery vanilla-y" vibe.

  15. In a fantasy world.

  16. where in the world can i find a vintage le male?:( not reformulated one….pleaaaseee

  17. Hey Dracdoc, I have a quick question, how do they get "Le Male" to have that powdery smell the cologne?.

    Would really appreciate it, Thanks!!!.

  18. I like that sweet vanilla/musk/mint smell… Like what JPG gives, so something similar to that… I'm not into strong/powerful fragrance smells

  19. After the fragrance has been on your skin for awhile is meant by Drydown

  20. Not sure what you mean by drydown?

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