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Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24 Hr Makeup & Translucence Powder Full Review + Demo/Wear Test – 4C Hair

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  1. I can get super oily and I find the best primer is the Becca ever-matte poreless primer. The other item, which is not a primer, but I have tried based on another YouTuber's review is the monistat chafing gel. It looks like petroleum jelly but it has a powder finish and keeps my oil at bay. I figure if I can use it on my delicate vagina I can use it on my face. I've been using it for about 2 weeks and I've had no adverse reactions. I forgot I had this foundation I'll use it on Friday, my birthday 😊.

  2. Try milk of magnesia for oil control, you may have it in the house already.

  3. yess lancome!!

  4. Hello Kris, I use this foundation and have super "oil slick" skin as well.  I use Becca Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector to help control my oiliness.  Another very good primer is MakeUp Forever Skin Equalizer Mattifying Primer.  A couple really good drugstore mattifying  primers are the Neutrogena Shine Control Primer & the Rimmel Stay Matte Primer.  I'm very, very oily so I use 2 or 3 of these products on top of each other to keep the oil at bay.  I hope this helps!

  5. U know sometimes u laugh like Beyonce. Try your foundation with Milk of magnesia. I use use it and it's the best!

  6. love how detail u are … and honest .. an the lil humor you add .. love you gurl!!! am also a grease ball .. i use Revlon whip … its a holy grail for me .. and Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer .. i live in the Caribbean an we have One Season..which is Summer lol … hot and wet .. so trust me .. i kno about an oily face … annoying!!

  7. I love the Lancôme foundation. I have oily/combination skin and after a few hours I do get a little oily on my cheeks but I have oily skin and I've found nothing is going to change that. Im cool with it tho.. great review

  8. I use this foundation in 500 suede and I have very oily skin aswell. I have found that pairing this foundation with lancome ' s primer la base and their dual finish powder helps keep my shine down a lot better even though I do have to blot throughout the day

  9. I use an oil-free based moisturizer before applying this foundation… That helps me maintain that matt finish. What type of moisturizer do you use? Do you use a toner after cleansing? Toner helps reduce size of pore.. Thanks for the review.

  10. Ive honestly been in a take care of my skin kind of mode. I steam my face and then i exfoliate. And then i get an ice cube and run that over the places i get oily in. Then i put on moisturizer. In the morning i just use dove face cleanser and i put on oil free sunscreen. Ive been doing this every night for a month now and my skin is soooo clear. Im actually scared to put on makeup now 😂😂😂

  11. Great thorough review. Quick question: do you have a favorite primer? I am on the market for one. x

  12. Good review. I have pretty oily skin as well. Not sure if you've tried already but there's a spray I use before applying my makeup called De-Slick by Urban Decay. It helps tremendously. They also have one I use when going out at night called All Nighter.

  13. Interesting review… the fact that this is a matte foundation and you are getting a
    satin-ney finish is a problem especially if your sample was not like that, could that be a defective product? Can you have it replaced?
    One thing I've learnt that no foundation can stop oil, aaah the setbacks for those with oily/combination skin :) anyway I agree with the comment below if the foundation is oil free then its a must to pair it with an oil free moisturiser (one that is water based perhaps) and an oil control/mattifying primer to get the best results, any other moisturiser/primer may affect the finish and lasting wear.

  14. Loving the hair!!!

  15. I love all of your videos. But I'm dying to see you do something with Ms Fro!!!

  16. My lancome tient idol fell from the bathroom sink to the floor and broke to pieces, it was my first time using the bottle lol very disappointed. The bottle is made of glass.

  17. Tanzania Shinel Browne

    You're so beautiful! <3 I watch your videos just for your beautiful face and hair. LOOOL, not even interested in the review <3, just you! I love how you are beautiful without makeup, and beautiful with makeup! You're an example of someone who uses makeup to enhance her beauty. Some people use makeup, and they look completely different! Stay blessed!

  18. I miss your amazing hair videos. You mostly have sponsored videos nowadays, just miss how it was :)

  19. You should consider using an oil free moisturizer with any foundation. Also, a mattifying primer will help you with oil breaking through the foundation. I personally recommend loreal Magic studio and Becca mattifying primer. Additionally, black opal loose setting powder is excellent for setting powder to help keep your skin matte. It last all day with minimal touch ups. Urban decay de slick setting spray works pretty well too. I live on an island so I know a thing or to about oily looking makeup. I hope this helps.

  20. You're so pretty! Would you mind making a product tour? I've dying to see what's on that shelf!

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