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Lalique White by Lalique | Fragrance Review

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  1. I would like you to do if you can also review on unisex fragrance that works great for men and women also I wear creed virgin island water but I get tons of compliments but do woman really want they love ones wearing unisex colognes it seems to me woman like they love one Wearing masculine scents alot of times when I wear virgin island water woman compliment me on virgin island water because that what they would wear not what they would buy for the love one thanks

  2. I agree with you this scent is cloying in the summer spring but I think this is a fall scent because I get alot of Cedar and musk but this last 8 hours on my skin and this in the winter alot of woman tends to love cedar in colognes so great review

  3. just like people like I'eau D'issey for summer , I can't wear it on hot climate I only enjoy it during the Fall and Spring

  4. I thought this was ok but this cologne is on the list of colognes im NOT allowed to wear around her.lol

    Some people may like this but its nothing that will people will love imho

  5. Which Tom Ford did you get?

  6. I think this's a great frag!!thanks for sharing 

  7. considering its price you can't go wrong with that frag. excelent price/quality ratio.

  8. Got this because of Kristo who said the same thing about the pencil shavings–and I completely agree. Especially with you about with some added lemon. I really like this one but performance isn't stellar.

  9. Review bond no 9 Amber for me please 

  10. +dracdoc I am checking your videos for back to black by kilian aphrodisiac i do not see any review as yet would like you to do a review on it if you can. I see other reviews it has a tobacco honey vanilla flavors and it is considered a panty dropper also. It cost $260

  11. Great to see another take on this, I reviewed it a couple of years ago and got a lot of the same things you did. Don't agree on the Aut/Win thing though. Great video as always buddy!

  12. Great review Cody. Not a bad frag for the price. 

  13. Man, i love your videos,but seriously you need to get rid of that terrible intro. Its on borderline of being disturbing with that music. My fav from Lalique house is Encre Noire. Try that one if you havent yet! Cheers!

  14. hey dracdoc great work..plz review rasasi woody edp…thnx for the reviews

  15. was underwhelmed by this fragrance.  it's nice, sure, but nothing in it jumped at me.  and i do get the pencil shavings note, but i wish it were stronger, like in gucci i

  16. tantivymuckermaffikk

    Behind that white door are train tracks. He got a good deal on his apartment because he needs to run across them and dodge trains to leave home. 

  17. tantivymuckermaffikk

    Behind that white door are the train tracks. Cody has to run across them whenever he leaves is apartments. 

  18. White is nice.. I dont really get your discription, becouse for me is mainly lemon and pepper.. Not getting any pencil vibe you talked about. I've used whole 75ml but i dont think i'll buy it again.
    Cool thing thouhg that you reviewed that scent.

  19. I own and enjoy this one, find it a little exotic. Perforce is on the low side. Cheers mate. 

  20. Yo Cody, you are Jamaican ? 

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