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Lady Gaga’s Fame Perfume – Illuminati and Occult Manifestation

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  1. omg putting blood and semen in american products wouldn't even fly!!!

  2. i got Lady GaGa Fame perfume for Christmas today it smells good

  3. It could be the fact that gaga does not know what she is doing, that child is controlled blinded by reality, she is filled with demons, her whole aura is just demonic and she just let it stay with her. The circle table of people created this shit, and she did not get a say in saying yes or no, she let them do what they want to do cuz she so blinded by what is wrong and right the bitch is lucified lmao

  4. Where did you get the blood and semen part? There's no proof.

  5. Alwin Nezirevic'

    the perfume of satan !!! 😀 😀 hahahahaha xDDDDDD

  6. Me reading at 1:57…."hmmm…..incense, honey, apricot, wait… BLOOD & SEMEN WHAT?!?!!"

  7. Seriously 1:06 into the video and it still hasn't started on the message! 

  8. That's stupid 

  9. Plus the upside down cross isn't even satanic.. It's the cross of St. Peter, he felt he was unworthy to be crucified in the same fashion as Jesus Christ so he requested to be crucified upside down. I've seen the upside down cross inside St. Peter's Basilica in The Vatican! Popular belief, though wrong, is that it's an evil icon, bit it's nothing more that a misunderstood Catholic symbol, just the placement in Gaga's clothing is questionable.. BUT THAT'S HER! Lastly, I'm 100% Roman Catholic, and I've smelled the perfume and no, I did not burst out and proclaim love for satan and join a cult. I love the perfume so much I 'bought it for a friend' but I may just keep it.. Wake up and smell the Fame people. It's a simple fragrance made by a woman of different style and other senses. Nothing more.

  10. Seriously? Gaga is known for her out there style and personality. But that's just who she is.. Do you really think that someone dripped blood and sperm in to someone's perfume formulation? Sounds to me like some sick sexual fantasy or some kind of fetish.. Wake up people, even with her power in pop culture and popularity throughout the world, it's highly doubtful that she could become the next Hitler… Just ridiculous.

  11. I spelt fame and it smells good and the blood and semen rumor is a lie nd if gaga put a drop of her blood in every bottle she would be drained dry lmao 

  12. No one cares lol

  13. hahaha lol

  14. Nathan “Nallum” Allum

    Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo DUMB!

  15. Alejandro Hernandez

    Illuminati doesnt exist. You're all stupid if you can even watch the whole video. Who ever made this video is a dumbass. Annnnnd Lady Gaga's amazing3 love her, hate her shes fucking amazing. So deal with it.

  16. You have the worst grammar; ever!

  17. Fucked Up Faggot

    Whoever made this video didn't do their research. Ffs, FAME does NOT have semen or blood. It was just a rumor.
    That shows how stupid are people who believe in this stuff.

  18. Um it took me about 5 minutes to find that info. And why did you reply just now to a comment I wrote 5 months ago. I think it's you who has been spending too much time on the internet. I only saw your reply because it was in my inbox.

  19. You can scream 'GAGA IS ILLUMINATI'' But really, little monsters will NEVER leave her, new fans are coming. People like you need to get help. Obsessed.

  20. The perfume smells divine. I spent the whole bottle on myself and I didn´t join a fucking cult or anything like that. The only ones that are brainwashed here are all you bible freaks for believing in such things. -.-

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