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Lady Gaga The Fame Lyrics on screen

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  1. Does the beat in the beginning remind you of another song? It reminds me of another song I just can't put my finger on it.

  2. Spyroinfinity AJ

    Lady gaga, im a blonde like u :O

  3. Please say my name i cant live without The Fame

  4. when I first heard this song , it sounded like missing persons!

  5. wow one of her best songs beside bad romance and poker face

  6. Gaga is so Fame ♥

  7. ♥ Love It ♥

  8. The fame: When it all began!!

  9. ARTPOP= The FAME, Monster & Btw OK¿?

  10. Lady gaga, please, come back.

  11. :( gaga i loved

  12. ClawsomeEclipse

    I miss the old lady gaga

  13. Rafaela Schultz

    I am little monster

  14. Lps popular brought me here

  15. Efrain Hernandez

    Great song!

  16. Luis Alberto Rodríguez Moronta

    Gue linda megusta la cansion

  17. Richard Makarewicz

    im doing my solo to this dance

  18. lady gaga! I love her!

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