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Lady Gaga – The Fame Ball Tour Intro [HD]

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  1. she needs to come up during something epic like this again

  2. Retro Phisical

  3. The way she says "New York" <3

  4. GIGA AL (アレックス)

    0:57 Nice Bass…

  5. I think the ArtRave intro is better than this.

  6. I,m trying to copy that intro on fl studio, but it´s difficult beacause i never use before xD

  7. I fear we're not going to get this gaga back. The "teehee I found the recipe for fame, look I touched this teapot and now it has a twitter page" version of her. Her absurdity was tongue-in-cheek and an expression of individualism. Now she's drinking her own kool-aid and actually thinks she's an artist demigod from the 5th dimension…

  8. Esto es rajadooo!!!! Gaga te amoo :*

  9. goosebumps

  10. You kick some and take some Lady Gaga POWERFUL STUFF ROCK ON

  11. This is iconic, can't wait for the ARTPOP Ball, it's coming <3

  12. Listen to the beginning of G.U.Y. after this!

  13. Lady Gaga's Filtered Instrumentals

    I want that lady Gaga

  14. I love the music of this intro.!!!!!!!


  16. i missed out on Lady Gaga when she did the fame:( at the time i thought she would be just another pop star that had their 15 minutes of fame

  17. She's a living Legend

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