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Lady Gaga & The Art of Fame

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  1. It's good that she doesn't lip sync her live concerts. She doesn't need to anyway. She has an incredible voice.

  2. I wish gaga would knock on my door😢

  3. Lady Gaga's music ain't my cup of tea, but you can't deny that she is an incredible vocal talent, a better-than-average piano player, and a brilliant performer. Again, I hate her music, but Jesus, she's talented as Hell.

  4. the cop thought she was prostitute

  5. Could this bitch be any more pretentious? No I do not think so. My heart just breaks for this poor trapped soul! Said no one ever. Show me a bigger publicity seeking whore than this cunt…go ahead…I'll wait. So her album flops…because she is a shit performer…with shit talent…and suddenly she feels trapped by her fame? You poor thing! She is a rude self seeking, self centered, self righteous dog turd. And those are her good attributes! Piss off you skank!

  6. I'm the girl crying at 4:38 ç_ç

  7. She's very pretty

  8. ShadowoftheShades

    I love her so much! From getting advice from a stripper to performing w/ legends like Elton John and Tony Bennett, she is just an amazing artist; and I've loved her craft since 2008! Truly inspiring and genuine. DANG IT! I want AHS: Hotel to hit Netflix or Hulu already!

  9. when you sell your sold to the devil he will give you fame and fortune but in return you'll be Satan's slave in earth and then in hell for eternity.. this life we have on earth is only a vaper of time compared to eternity. is it really worth selling your soul for this vapor of time or you can chose Jesus while you still can and have heaven for all eternity. those who chose Jesus ill see you in heaven

  10. I think she is so pretty and I love that she said my name 😆

  11. she's dancing BTW ugh just melt my heart

  12. hahahaha you are absolutely right Waldo. Now we can confirm it: she is a true artist. I'm her biggest fan now.

  13. She's reductive. lol

  14. Like Satan, a wolf in sheep's clothing.


    ARE YOU K?

  16. "as a part of my mastering the art of fame…" – ugh.

  17. Madonna is shit compared to Lady Gaga

  18. Lady Gaga knocked on your door. You had not opened. My mind can't process your behaviour.

  19. Sequoia Ann Aquarian

    She is Thee Exact Gift that this planet has been aching for.

  20. wow.love her song.

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