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Lady Gaga Fame Review and Gift Set (Fame Fake Nails)

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  1. I wish that I got this one, but instead I got the one with the makeupbag, gave that to my mom because I don't wear makeup. I'm planning on getting it back…

  2. I'm getting it for my bday but it's not at Macy's where I live

  3. Is that a guy?

  4. awe too bad!.. i went to macys i cant find this anywhere :(

  5. omg love ur posters im a gaga fan tooooooooo

  6. LittleMonsterConnor

    Are the false nails re-usable? Could you put them on with the stickers and the put the back in the packaging for display?

  7. i have the nails :)

  8. Omg! I HAVE THE SAME EXACT THING! my mom got me it for Christamas! :3

  9. You sound like Gaga a tad bit. :'3

  10. I instantly love you. :'3

  11. Thanks

  12. yes a small clear tape

  13. You can get it at Macys (call ahead) or Macys.com

  14. Where i can get it?

  15. Just wondering, when you got this giftset, did the Nails come with anything sealing the top?

  16. To bad that I'm from Germany… :(

  17. I got mine on now 😀

  18. I just ordered mine the other day. i am sooo excited to get it 😀

  19. maridalia hernandez

    Just got mine for xmas! I had been wanting it for a while. I loved it! Paws up little monsters. 3

  20. riderideponytonight

    I got mines for $64

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