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Lady Gaga Fame Perfume Unboxing AUSTRALIA

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  1. how to get lady gaga fame perfume?

  2. Not to burst your bubble but i got this fragrance about a year ago at Chemist Warehouse for $27.00

  3. Pop Culture (PopCulture)

    I actually didn't know they sold that in Australia! I live in Melbourne and I have looked in Myer for the masterpiece collection. But at least i'm getting the fragrance soon :)

  4. Gay…?

  5. Anastasia Knight

    I just got this fragrance alone with the lotion and I can't get enough of it, I can't wait to get the shower gel and soap bar soon.

  6. oh my god.

  7. I left this back in Sydney and i've been in Perth for the past 5 months so i haven't been using it. Will be returning back to Sydney next week though :)

  8. Aussie aussie oi oi oi!

  9. No one cares how hot her body is move it along but seriously I want everything that was in there like omg I love her she is the best singer ever well Katy Perry is also the best singer ever katycat and lilmonster 4ever

  10. Want it so much ! The poster is so <3 <3

  11. Your really funny when your like She tastes yummy I bet, and she has a great body! LolL

  12. evan i was breathing heavily when i got my 30 ml one because i i could only afford that one evan tho i had sisty pound by the way im from the uk

  13. Bough it at Myer (an Australian department store) :)

  14. Where Did U Buy It?

  15. Couldn't help myself! Was too excited! :)

  16. Stop breathing so heavily..

  17. hello! :) i'm from australia. we don't have sephora or macy's 😛

  18. You're sweet for making a comment :) I don't use twitter at the moment. Maybe sometime in the future :p

  19. Thanks reply me! U so Sweet LM! Do u have twitter account!?

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