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Lady Gaga Fame Perfume Review

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  1. eu uso um contratipo, e é ótimo

  2. I'm not only in love with your great reviews, i think i'm falling in love with you too!. ……Smile!

  3. No offense to anyone, but I cannot stand this perfume. It smells horribly sweet, chemical and synthetic to me. 

  4. Smells like Teen Spir'SHIT

  5. i hate the hate comments in the commercial video… sickening.

  6. No but been meaning to get on there… will let you know when I do. Looks like a great place to make new perfume friends.

  7. I like that the honey/incense notes come out the strongest on my skin however the longevity and projection of this fragrance is really really weak. It smells addicting I just wish it lasted longer and projected better.

  8. Fame smells like forbidden flowers and citrus candy. Question, do you have a fragrantica?

  9. Yes, people need to smell it. Everybody go out and try Fame if you haven't already!!!

  10. 5 bottles wow! where do you keep them all?

  11. Good review:)
    But "Fame" is not very easy to explain..yeah,there's apricot and honey drops in it but people need to smell it xD It smells amazing. I bought the 30 ml one , now I'm gonna buy the 100 ml bottle. Can't wait. FAMEEEEEE <3

  12. Fame is so amazing. I have 5 bottles of it and I can't get enough. She did such a perfect job with the fragrance.

  13. Thanks for leaving a comment. Glad you still like it even though you wish it were stonger!

  14. I love FAME :) but I really hoped that the scent could be stronger!

  15. Hopefully her next fragrance will be louder!

  16. I actually like it because my skin brings out the incense and the florals but, I wished it was more loud. I wanted it to be more bold and strong.

  17. Thank you! Fame is unique. I really like it and wear it a lot. I hope Lady Gaga releases another for us soon.

  18. I think it is a very nice perfume that is unique. Plus none of the perfumes can compare to fame. Btw I love ur videos.

  19. BTW What do you think of Fame??

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