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Lady Gaga Fame Perfume Review (Not Impressed)

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  1. thank you for sharing this! I personally find this perfume amazing because it's really compatible with my "natural scent" and stuff even though this is for women (I'm surprised too!). anyway, you obviously know a lot about perfumes and that's really cool. keep doing u!

  2. lol what happened right at the end of your video? You totally gasped.

  3. You don't like it because all you use is coco butter.

  4. it's a BLACK PERFUME, what do you want????

  5. +Vanessa Fredricksen her apartment is right behind a church wouldn't a devil worshiper hate that?

  6. Vanessa Fredricksen

    shes also a devil worshiper!

  7. Never rub perfume. You kill the scent

  8. "YES, I know most Little Monsters will hate me for not absolutely and automatically loving what Mother Monster has put out, but it's my opinion and agreeing with it is an option, not a requirement."

    that whole bitter disclaimer in my opinion exposes that you're guilty of that annoying bias some people have when it comes to Gaga. It seems more like you predispositioned yourself to have a negative opinion and sort of feel a sense of importance for challenging what you believe to be mass delusion.

  9. Love you :)

  10. beflamboyantreviews

    I pretty much said the same as you. I thought it was very marc jacobs'y…like daisy, lola and dots goth cousin. Nothing too different. Very commercial.

  11. I have never ever seen a black perfume until fame cam out !!

  12. i felt like you were about to cry the whol time lmao..

  13. 1. She had to buy the perfume to give her honest review.
    2. I love the scent of the perfume, but, it doesn't last long…that's the only con about it. The Bottle, color and notes are fab, the staying power isn't.
    Thank you for your honest review girl!

  14. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 If u dont like it dont buy it.. simple as that

  15. we all have different opinions sooo……yeah I LOVE THE PERFUME ! :)

  16. I respect yuhr opinion. I honestly do. But yuh obviously set yuhr standards way to high because she's all about elegance but sex at the same time

  17. nust so you know the soap and the shower gel smell different than the perfume.

  18. finally a girl review of the perfume! IDK why most of the lady gaga and nikki minaj reviews were done by guys

  19. Exactly! I also expected it to be more mysterious, more dark. But when I first smelled it, it's sweet. Haha. It doesn't smell bad. I think it's just mislead. Because of the commercial, and the color of the perfume itself and everything, it's black. But when you smell it, it's like light and sweet and fruity floral. Longevity on me, 7 hours when sprayed on clothing. Not kidding. Sillage, about 3 feet? I love your review. I respect your opinion. Xox

  20. DiscoBoyGagaStick

    So, Now I'm on the fence about getting the soap, lotion and shower gel but I'll eventually get it due to my collection but not anytime soon coz, they are a bit pricey…
    but, yeah overall, the packaging is awesome and the smell is very likeable :)
    oh and, the 100ml, metal cap is not sharp compared to the 50ml's plastic cap 😀

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