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Lady GaGa FAME Perfume Review!

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  1. you look cute ^_^

  2. You're handsome :3

  3. dat focus

  4. armando montoya

    You look like Jeffree star !

  5. U totally bottom?

  6. Awesome review 😀 you look like jeffree star 😛 maybe you could check out my review? its on my chanell

  7. I like your hair, it's so pink! o.o

  8. you're so weird.. you keep commenting on videos about Lady Gaga.. it's perfume, you can't be controlled by it. Are you watching too many conspiracy movies with brainwashing?

  9. How is this a good look? if you havnt noticed, being gay isnt natural, it is completly artificial and the result of chemicals such as Sodium Laureth Sulfate which is in the majority of our soaps, shampoos ect. It is a known human carcinogen and it has huge hormonal effects, thus homosexuality. you are 'born gay' because your parents were severly contaminated with this, and other chemicals throughout their lives. It is apart of a much greater conspiracy to keep the sexes in a state of unbalance.

  10. This is not and ordinary perfume, it is a brainwashing love potion..
    It contains the Molecule structure of both Gagas blood, and male semen, In the Eyes of Aleister Crowley this is the basis for hermetic magick. It also contains 'tears of belladonna' (Belladonna is italian for 'Beautiful Woman') which is an extremly poisonous plant which can induce hallucinations and other psychological effects such as mind dissociation. You are extremely brainwashed into being materialistic.

  11. love your hair!

  12. ive had this for a month and im already half way through!!!


  14. Please love me forever…

  15. You look like Jeffre Star 😀

  16. you are so cute, I'm dying.

  17. You have some sexy ass lips

  18. Dude …… amazing look !!

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