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Lady Gaga FAME Perfume Review – 1 Hour After Spraying & Clear Spray Proof

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  1. Dude, you are so beautiful!! Will you marry me? Except that I live far away, here in Brazil and where you live? I love your reviews! Big Hugs and gentle at the same time! Leonel.

  2. Matúš Tomečko

    You're hot :)

  3. I'm so going to buy it from amazon.com. Like @MrVanillaism , I'm from S'pore also. Any reliable website I could purchase it from?

  4. such a good looking Monster.. 😀 lol

  5. I'm so envious of you , I wish i could be there but sadly I live in Singapore :/ Paws up ! Keep the videos going (: !

  6. Yup your right, just found out now from their twitter 😛 details to come soon so ill look out for those, but ill definitely be there 😀 theres only 1 harrods in the world hehe :)

  7. Hey Nick , I heard that Gaga's going to Harrods on Oct 7 , not sure which Harrods though

  8. oh alright lol, i hope Uk gets a launch like Japan where 2 shirtless men is holding Fame bottles where you can take pictures with lol! so excited and thanks for the info!!!

  9. Well according to The Perfume Shop the official launch for the fragrance is September 1st in the UK so we are yet to have it launched officially, its just for sale in stores at the moment. As for free gifts that will happen on the launch depending on what store gets the promotional rights so stay tuned for that BUT so far the Superdrug website are doing a promotion where you get the 200ml body lotion for FREE when you purchase either the 50 or 100ml bottles of FAME :)

  10. thanks for the review! btw where did you get the information about the Sept 1 release? and what shops would offer the free gifts? I was disappointed of Boots not having the perfume today but im glad I havn't bought one yet now lol.

  11. Daniel Browning

    such a professional review! Definitely informative, especially to the non-fans who are curious about the fragrance!

  12. LadyGaGaNoFloods

    Yea I totally agree, to hell with women's perfume I'm gonna wear it like everywhere! 😀 really need to get some! Haha

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