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Lady Gaga Fame Perfume And Soap Review

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  1. i have 6 bottles and 2 lostions and 2 body washes it smells really good!

  2. I'm a huge monster too!! You are so funny. Loved this video :)

  3. it smells like like like like….LIKE TEEN SPIRIT BEETCH!!!

  4. your reviews are not well produced, take it down.

  5. Poor Child 

  6. Just bought the soap for 2.50€ (4$) 

  7. there is a lotion!!! and a shower gel! its my fave celebrity fragrance because it smells expensive and delicious not cheap and tacky like most celebrity perfumes. Its amazeballs <3

  8. Yeah, that random person didn't show a picture, and couldn't construct a complete sentence. No wonder you withered beneath his superior judgement. * eyeroll*

  9. I love your hair, I have curly hair just like you… what shampoo do you use?

  10. Go to Walgreens drugstore and you can get the small bottle for $19.99 which is not a bad price for such a wonderful perfume. Enjoy it every day because it will expire and life is too short to not smell good every day. :) 

  11. LemonKaleidescope

    I've been applying the 1.7fl.oz. perfume everyday since October and I'm only 1/4 through the bottle! Love this perfume, gotten lots of compliments on it and i totally recommend it :)

  12. Before you say what the ingredients are, you might want to do a little research and you'll realise that there is actually no semen and it just contains a few of her blood molecules.

  13. I love You so much,you very beautiful,you born this way baby!!!!

  14. Your not ugly your really pretty and not stupid your smart and funny :)

  15. You are hilarious (:

  16. My life is ruined. A random person on Youtube commented "Hella ugly and stupid". How will I carry on?

  17. Hella ugly and stupid

  18. And There is a lotion

  19. Girl U Paid 50 dollars for that, they are selling the gift set right now (Perfume, soap, tattoo, rollerball) For less than 50 bucks right now, and I will give u the 50 for the soap!

  20. Yassine Guerouage

    hahaha ur so funny! PawsUp

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