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Lady Gaga “Eau De Gaga 001” Fragrance Review

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  1. Robert R (DJ Buffoon)

    Was reading an interview with the perfumer, Ursula Wendel, and some of your observations are spot-on. In addition to the lime, leather, and violet, there is indeed Earl Grey tea and creamy sandalwood, as well as patchouli, bergamot, oakmoss, and "spices". An unusual fragrance, I really enjoy it.

  2. i think the lasting power or longevity depends of people's skin, and talking about lady gaga's fragances: "Fame" remained on my skin even after a shower and eau de gaga lasts up to 8 hours on my skin, i´ve seen a lot of comments and i think people are also making negative/fake advertising about the lasting power of eau de gaga (that it lasts only 20-45 minutes) and i think this 1. they bought a fake one or 2. they are fans of britney's, katy's or nicki minaj's fragances.

  3. This sounds JUST up my alley! I LOVE Fame, but we JUST got gift sets in the store I work in, and I practically RAN over. Small perfume bottle/good sized lotion/shower gel bottles. So pumped, yet scared to try.

  4. Hey thanks for the review. Made me feel a lot more confident in buying it.

  5. I really enjoyed this fragrance. It's kinda like if you were to mix Swiss army classic with dior fahrenheit. I agree with you it does have a barber shop vibe to it.

    Great review bro. 

  6. I'm a boy and I totally prefer Fame over Eau de Gaga. The reason is simple: Fame has a lot more character and I do love the fact that it looks so weird on the inside as well as outside. I do agree with the lasting power of Eau De Gaga, sadly it's really weak.

  7. ARTPOP loveLadyGaga

    i love this scent so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Great review, does anyone know  a similar fragrance (men or womens) that is designer? Because although I really love the scent, it doesn't last at all.. :(

  9. Loooved this review- thank you! It's the first I've seen on this perfume and you seriously did a bloody good job. Is it priced like a regular celebrity scent or more in the designer price range? So good to see her stepping out of the box, thought she would with the first frag…. but it's done pretty well so good on her. Thanks for your take, sounds like a winner for summer! Cheers Tom.

  10. Agreed, i tried it today and immediately I thought WOW amazing stuff!!

    Then 20 mins after…. I just thought …oh it's gone! how sad.. Just wish it lasts a bit longer
    other wise a very well composed scent… Much better than Fame.

  11. StellaDiverFlynn

    I'd love to grab one when it hits the discount store. It seems quite lovely. :D

  12. I don't know what are the other ingredients she tweeted it herself that it contains 30 different completely natural ingredients haha

  13. It has 30 different completely natural ingredients including patchouli 

  14. I love it when creaminess comes out of nowhere……(dirty)

  15. Love your review! Can you do a review of Erotique by Dita Von Teese? 😊😄 thank you

  16. This doesn't sound good at all. Thank you! ;)

  17. Yay loved this review! You really picked the notes apart and gave me a little extra dimension into the fragrance! I am beginning to appreciate it a bit more! Thanks for the shoutout mr! :) 

  18. Hey! Can you review ysl parisienne!!x

  19. I'm down at Boots Saturday (face wash) and I will give this a sniff, I would never think of smelling a celebrity fragrance although there is this one Britney scent I like, don't know Its name but It reminds me a lot like some sweet TF Tuscan Leather. Shame that she wants to rip off her little monsters by putting out a frag with no balls, hate that when a frag houses put out water dressed in a tux.

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